(National Sentinel) Politics: In the wake of President Donald J. Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, there are all manner of rumors, whispers and reports based on anonymous sources, and at this juncture, we take most of them with a grain of salt.

But this one seems a little more credible than many others. According to The New York Times, which admittedly has published its share of fake news regarding the president and his administration, Comey didn’t think very much of Trump’s claim in March that former President Obama “wire tapped” him at Trump Tower:

After President Trump accused his predecessor in March of wiretapping him, James B. Comey, the F.B.I. director, was flabbergasted. The president, Mr. Comey told associates, was “outside the realm of normal,” even “crazy.”

For his part, Mr. Trump fumed when Mr. Comey publicly dismissed the sensational wiretapping claim. In the weeks that followed, he grew angrier and began talking about firing Mr. Comey. After stewing last weekend while watching Sunday talk shows at his New Jersey golf resort, Mr. Trump decided it was time. There was “something wrong with” Mr. Comey, he told aides.


Even The New York Times reported the day before Trump’s inauguration that a) U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies were conducting probes into Trump’s associates, if not the president himself; b) and that “wiretapped” information had been obtained to that end. Well, the only wayto legally obtain such electronic surveillance is via a FISA court-issued surveillance warrant.

At least two published reports – here and here – claim that the FBI indeed applied for and received a FISA court warrant for the purpose of conducting electronic surveillance at Trump Tower. This is done in a counterintelligence investigation; Comey – as director – didn’t know that members of a major party presidential campaign, including the candidate himself, was under investigation?

Comey confirmed the essence of Trump’s tweet in March, that indeed he and his associates were under investigation prior to the election. Comey had publicly revealed – improperly, say many experts – many details about ongoing FBI probes, so why not this?

What Comey has not said to date is who ordered the probe of Team Trump and, importantly, why it has continued for so long despite a dearth of evidence to support any allegations that Trump or his closest advisors worked with Russia to “steal the election” from Clinton.

The Trump administration has said publicly they had “lost confidence” in Comey; if the Times report is accurate, Comey had obviously had no confidence in the commander-in-chief. That was a toxic battle in the making in which Comey was never going to win.

Democrats are running around hysterically trying to claim that Trump is a tyrant for firing a political appointee, but what choice did he have if his own FBI director believed he didn’t have the mentality to be president?


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