By J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief

(National Sentinel) Political Intrigue: By now you’ve no doubt heard that President Donald J. Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey. Depending upon which media outlet is doing the reporting or which pundit is pontificating, the simple underlying truth behind Trump’s action is this: The White House, and the Justice Department, had lost confidence in Comey’s ability to do his job, period.

And with good reason. More on that in a moment.

Of course the establishment is outraged - outraged, once again - at something Trump has done. As with past actions he has taken, many are again claiming that his ‘legacy is set’ and his ‘presidency is over.’ The establishment’s media, in particular, which as been rabidly anti-Trump from the outset of his GOP nomination, is quoting lawmakers from the Left, Right, Middle and within the administration, anonymously, of course, who all say that the president messed up.

The most popular theory is that Trump fired Comey to subvert the ongoing ‘Russia hacked the election to hurt Hillary Clinton’ narrative, and indeed, this did play a role in Comey’s firing. But not the way Establishment Washington is claiming. What irked Trump most is that after more than a year’s worth of investigating this alleged link, as well as the alleged collusion between Trump and Vladimir Putin’s government, there has been no evidence whatsoever to back up the claims. 

None. Zip. Zilch. Nada.

And yet, this politically motivated probe has continued, which has enabled Democrats and #nevertrump Republicans to use it as justification to continue undermining Trump’s presidency - an operation that begun during the Obama administration and one that continues today, with bipartisan assistance. The Deep State cannot stomach the idea of a Trump presidency, and so it uses whatever means necessary - including bogus “investigations” to subvert this White House.

Consider: Just last week during testimony before a Senate Judiciary subcommittee, former DOJ official Sally Yates and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper both said there is no evidence to date to suggest there is anything at all to the Trump-Russia narrative. Democratic lawmakers have said the same thing.

So why is it continuing? What’s really at stake here?

Trump has reportedly gotten increasingly angry at the entire process, wondering when the charade would come to an end. That’s why he said what said in his letter dismissing Comey about the FBI director telling him on three separate occasions that he was not under investigation. Trump has also reportedly been pressuring staff and others to push the FBI into investigating something that it should have been looking into months ago, namely, who has been leaking all of the classified information on said investigations?

That used to be a crime. Wait…it still is. And yet, the FBI - under Director Comey - remained focused on a BS narrative created out of whole political cloth by the previous administration, of which Comey was a co-conspirator (with his non-recommendation that Hillary be prosecuted for obvious crimes of mishandling classified information).

As for the Democrats, the day before yesterday they were clamoring for Comey’s scalp, their BS narrative being that his late-election meddling - reopening Clinton’s email investigation, then closing it again - in the two weeks before the Nov. 8 election - cost her a victory.

The fact is, it didn’t - and even the reliably anti-Trump, far-Left New York Times has admitted as much. Per Newsmax:

New York Times polling whiz Nate Cohn wrote Monday there was reason to be wary of a “Comey effect” on the 2016 presidential election.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton last week said FBI Director James Comey’s letter to Congress indicating the agency was investigating additional emails in the case of her inappropriate use of a private server during her tenure as Secretary of State was a major reason for her loss to President Donald Trump on Election Day.

“Politicians, analysts and journalists are still debating whether the letter cost Mrs. Clinton the presidency. It’s certainly possible. But I am not at all sure, in part because of the final Upshot/Siena College poll in Florida,” writes Cohn.

The poll, Cohn says, shows that Clinton was weaker heading into Oct. 28 – the date Comey sent the letter – than was previously thought. She was down four percentage points in Florida, 46 percent to 42 percent, to Trump.

“Several other polls were conducted over the same period that showed Mr. Trump gaining quickly on Mrs. Clinton in the days ahead of the Comey letter,” writes Cohn. “And the timing of these polls — particularly the gap between when they were taken and when they were released — has probably helped to exaggerate the effect of Mr. Comey’s letter on the presidential race.”

Now, suddenly, the Democrats abhor Trump’s decision. Why? So they can continue pushing the false Russia narrative, but even on that note, Trump’s decision to fire Comey doesn’t stand up to the criticism. The investigation, such as it is, will continue no matter who is at the FBI helm.

Once again, the political and media establishment do not understand or get Donald J. Trump. And once again, when all of this shakes out, the country - those who are not so blinded by Trump hatred, that is - will understand the president’s decision was grounded, proper in the context, and the right thing to do.

Fact is, Comey has alternately been despised by the Left - over Hillary Clinton - and the Right - over Hillary Clinton. Comey’s very public handling of her investigation, along with his assistance in keeping the bogus Russia narrative alive, is his fault and no one else’s.

Firing Comey and getting a fresh start at the FBI, which was politicized, its credibility battered, during the Obama years, is exactly what was needed.

There is also this. The flip-flopping, feigned outrage and wild accusations surrounding Trump’s firing makes it crystal clear, again, that Washington is replete with charlatans who are far more interested in scoring political points with their base than dealing with, and taking care of, America’s myriad of problems.

And it took Trump to make it plain.


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