(National Sentinel) Deep State: It’s been a little while since the establishment has focused in on a Trump administration official it seeks to discredit, undermine and ouster, but never fear, the time has come once again and the target identified: President Donald J. Trump’s current national security advisor, H. R. McMaster.

As reported by The Hill:

National security adviser H.R. McMaster has become the latest target of the leaks and infighting that have dogged the Trump administration’s early days.

President Trump has tried to put an end to White House staffers placing palace intrigue stories, which peaked last month with a war of words between chief strategist Stephen Bannon and senior adviser Jared Kushner that played out in the press.

Now, McMaster, a favorite of Washington’s GOP and foreign policy establishment, finds himself in the crosshairs of anonymous White House officials as the administration mulls ramping up the U.S. military presence in Afghanistan.

Those close to the White House describe the latest scuffle as another power struggle between rival spheres of influence. Foreign policy experts see the leaks as a reflection of a broader internal dispute over the appropriate level of U.S. involvement in the Middle East.

Once again, Bannon is rumored to be at the center of it.

“Bannon is a core architect of ‘America first’ unilateralism and has no interest in continuing forever-wars that lack support among the base in the region,” said Ian Bremmer, the president of the international consulting firm Eurasia Group.

“Afghanistan is pretty much the last U.S. intervention you’d want your name attached to. If Trump ends up going with the generals’ recommendation and increasing troops there, the America first-ers will want to make sure McMaster takes the fall when it — inevitably, in their view — goes badly.”

Two things. First, Bannon is right – as are many other foreign policy experts – that the U.S. should exit Afghanistan in all but an advisory role. Second, once again the Washington establishment media is attempting to portray the Trump White House as someone the first one ever to feature strong personalities with competing interests who don’t play well together.

You should never think that this kind of “infighting” is exclusive to the Trump administration; it isn’t. The difference here is that the #nevertrump ‘mainstream media’ is focusing on every little disagreement and kerfuffle in its attempt to make it seem like the Trump White House ‘is the most chaotic ever.’

The Hill, later in its story, also noted this:

But the question banging around Washington in the wake of the Bloomberg story was whether the leaks represent reality or are just misdirection from White House officials known to plant embarrassing stories about their rivals in the media.

Adding to the confusion is the fact that the thrust of the story was first reported by blogger and right-wing agitator Michael Cernovich, a Bannon supporter known for promoting conspiracy theories.

The focus on Trump’s alleged screaming/yelling is also unique, considering all of the outside-the-mainstream reporting on Bill and Hillary Clinton’s famously savage tempers.

In any event, as this report proves, McMaster is the next “target” of the Deep State, which means they fear him for some reason. There will be others.

As for Trump, no one ever accused him of being timid. He wants what he wants and he obviously expects people around him to perform as advertised. But where were these reports over the many years that Trump was in the media and in the news?


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