(National Sentinel) War: A recent defector from the Hermit Kingdom of North Korea made a startling, and for many, unsettling, prediction: War with his homeland is “unavoidable.”

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail in an exclusive, the defector, Song Byeok, who worked as a propaganda artist before fleeing the brutal regime in 2002, has called on the Trump administration to topple the regime of Kim Jong-Un by force, saying that the risk of a war is worth it if it gets rid of a dangerous despot and bring peace and prosperity back to his country:

With an ‘armada’ of US warships parked on North Korea’s doorstep, Mr Song called on America and other world leaders ‘to make a change so the North Korea people can be free.’

Mr Song said the Kim regime will never give up power without a fight because officials are fearful of what people will do once they find out they have been lied to their entire lives.

But he said that the internet is already changing some people’s perceptions inside the isolated nation, and making them realise that the world outside North Korea is not as bad as they have been told.

In the event of a conflict, he believes that many ‘ordinary citizens’ would refuse to fight for Kim Jong-un because ‘they want democracy.’

Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping struck up a good relationship when they met last month. In addition to getting permission and agreement from South Korea, Japan and, perhaps, even Russia, Washington would need China’s assent to launch any attack against Pyongyang, because it has been a historical ally of Beijing.

The military pieces are in place and the diplomacy is largely settled, we believe. In fact, ironically - given the media’s meltdown over Trump’s firing of James Comey, believing it was an attempt to thwart the FBI’s ongoing Trump-Russia collusion nonsense - the president met Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Russian ambassador to the U.S. Sergey Kislyak earlier today.

The hour is approaching.


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