(National Sentinel) Executive Branch: In spite of official Washington’s huffing and puffing and feigned outrage over President Donald J. Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey, a former assistant director said that the top cop had it coming.

What’s more, James Kallstrom told Breitbart News, Comey’s actions as director had sullied the reputation of the agency he led.

“He was fired for cause in my view,” Kallstrom said. “When the referral came to the bureau close to a year ago, Comey knew at that point, if not soon after, that the Justice Department had no interest in conducting a criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton. They would never approve a grand jury and they would never approve an indictment.”

He went on to blame Comey for presiding over a “sham” investigation - a believe shared by many Republicans on Capitol Hill and tens of millions of Americans who did not vote for Clinton in November:

From granting unnecessary immunity deals to conducting an interview of Clinton not under oath to too slickly issuing a document dump the day after the Fourth of July, the FBI deviated from standard-operating procedure during the investigation of the former secretary of state’s reliance on private servers to send and receive classified material, Kalstrom says.

“He did something the FBI never does,” the former head of the FBI’s New York office said of Comey. “It never discloses the charges against an unindicted person—ever.”

“He was so out of left field—the things he did.”


This included citing a lack of intent on Clinton’s part to rationalize not pursuing the case further when the relevant statute does not mention intent. “Intent does not matter at all,” Kallstrom explains to Breitbart News. “There’s no ‘intent’ in the statute. Nevertheless, in my opinion there’s a busload of intent.”

“The cause [for firing] is that he took upon himself authority he didn’t have, number one,” Kallstrom says of Comey acting as a de facto prosecutor rather than as an investigator. “Number two, he told the public that he undertook a ‘thorough’ investigation. You can’t put ‘thorough’ and lack of a grand jury in the same sentence. He threw the reputation of the FBI under the bus.”

He added: “He’s basically a good guy. I don’t think he’s done this with malice aforethought. He just lacks common sense. He just wasn’t up for the job of FBI director.”


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