(NationalSentinel) Politics: Shortly after Donald J. Trump won the November elections, we predicted that his predecessor, Barack Obama, was going to break the post-presidential mold of keeping quiet and not commenting on the performance and policies of the current administration.

In December we analyzed Obama’s comments in a final speech, in which he said he and wife Michelle “are going to be right there with” Democratic supporters “and we’re going to be busy, involved in the amazing stuff that we’ve been doing all these years before.” To us, it was clear Obama wasn’t planning on staying silent after he left office.

We even offered this advice:

Here’s how to shut down Obama fast and early: Sean Spicer, as Trump’s spokesperson, or the president himself, will have to publicly remind the lapdog media and Obama that Trump is president now, that No. 44 had his two terms in office, and that he is no longer setting the country’s agenda. Policy is still set in the Executive Branch, and that branch is now occupied by someone who isn’t named Obama.

That won’t shut the man up, nor will it keep the press from running to him, mind you. But it will serve as a useful reminder to the country and the world that Donald J. Trump, and not Barack H. Obama, is now large and in charge in the Oval Office.

In January, we reported further:

Most presidents exit Washington for wherever they called home before being elected faster than you can say “Hail to the Chief.” That is especially true if they’ve served two full terms.

That’s because, according to most ex-presidents, the job is incredibly demanding and it’s quite a weight off of their shoulders to hand the mantle of responsibility for the free world off to a successor.

But not President Obama. He plans to stay in Washington, D.C., for no other reason than to be an uncharacteristic ex-presidential thorn in the side of Republicans and the Trump administration.

And in February we noted that Obama had built a network of activists he planned to use in order to subvert the Trump administration, protect his legacy, and force the political direction of the country further to the Left.

Now, as The Associated Press notes, Obama is gearing up to become Trump’s biggest thorn - and in doing so completely destroy the tradition of past presidents remaining aloof from current administration policy objectives and goals:

After dropping out of sight for a pair of glamorous island getaways, Obama is emerging for a series of paid and unpaid speeches, drawing sharp contrasts with Trump even as he avoids saying the new president’s name. He’s wielding his influence overseas, offering his support for some of the international political candidates who are clamoring for his endorsement. His aides are engaging in real-time political combat with Trump, including revealing Monday that Obama personally warned his successor against tapping embattled Michael Flynn as his national security adviser.

Obama, like most Democratic Party operatives and politicians, seems tone-deaf and totally immune to the reality that his party has been destroyed in election after election, on the national level and on state and local levels. The party has lost more than 1,000 seats in the age of Obama, and yet, while tacitly admitting that “new leadership” is needed, Democratic strategists are really just searching for a newer, updated version of Obama’s extremist Left-wing ideology - the same one that has cost them dearly among the electorate.

So, we say, go for it, Mr. President. Go for it Democratic Party; double down on your failed political strategies and ideology. Please. Doing so will assure that Republicans and conservatives continue to govern as the majority - in Washington and across the country.


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