(National Sentinel) National Security: Russian President Vladimir Putin put on an incredible show of force Monday during the country’s Victory Day parade commemorating its win over Nazi Germany during World War II.

In doing so, he took the opportunity to send a warning to potential adversaries – like the guy he did not help win the White House, President Donald J. Trump.

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail:

Vladimir Putin has warned his Russian army can ‘repel any potential aggression’ after 10,000 troops marched through Red Square with a terrifying arsenal of missiles in a military parade.  

The annual march in Moscow marks the defeat of Hitler in the Second World War, but the Russian president was using it today to showcase the Kremlin’s modern military might.

Putin was personally taking the salute at the parade involving 10,000 troops and 114 units of military equipment.

The parade gave the first public showing of Tor and Pantsir mobile surface-to-air missile that have been adapted for use in Russia’s Arctic forces, their white-and-black winter camouflage standing out amid the olive drab of other war machines.

No serious Western military analyst believes that Russia is a weak country, and while the Kremlin’s military may not field all of the technology available to the U.S. and NATO militaries, the Red Army is a powerful force to be reckoned with.

But the underlying theme here is that Russia, as a great power and nuclear superpower, is not what you’d call an “ally” of the West – and certainly not of the United States, whose foreign policy is now being guided by President Donald J. Trump, who did not “collude” with Putin to win the White House, much as the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton would love for you to believe.

Putin has designs to ‘Make Russia Great Again,’ just like Trump wants to build America back into the global superpower it once was prior to the end of the Cold War and prior to the Age of Obama. In other words, two different leaders are competing with each other for the same global mantle – world’s greatest, most powerful nation. The key word is “competing.” There will be areas where Moscow and Washington can and will cooperate, but overall, Trump’s foreign policy objectives and his desire to transform the U.S. military into the world’s most competent, technologically advanced force ever will never sit well with Putin.

China, of course, will have a say in this contest as well, as will India, eventually.

Of particular note: Russia has been vying with Western powers for wider control of the Arctic, where there are vast deposits of natural resources including oil and natural gas. Some weapons systems paraded through Red Square were designed particularly for operations in the Arctic.


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