(NationalSentinel) North Korea: A U.S. congressman says that North Korea may be preparing to explode a nuclear device high above the country, an act of overt war that would also cause major long-term damage to American electrical infrastructure.

As reported exclusively by Breitbart News‘ Israel correspondent, Aaron Kline, Dr. Peter Vincent P. Pry, executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security and chief of staff of the Congressional EMP Commission, said on Kline’s radio show Sunday that North Korea has a pair of satellites currently orbiting above the U.S. at trajectories that are ideal for an attack.

Pry was talking about the KMS 3-2 and KMS-4 earth observation satellites launched by North Korea in April 2012 and February 2016 respectively.

“They are positioning themselves as sort of a nuclear missile age, cyberage version of the battleship diplomacy in my view. So that they can always have one of them ( the satellites) very close to being over the United States or over the United States,” Pry said.

“Then if a crisis comes up and if we decide to attack North Korea, Kim Jong Un can threaten our president and say, ‘Well, don’t do that because we are going to burn your whole country down.’ Which is basically what he said. I mean, he has made threats about turning the United States into ashes and he connected the satellite program to this in public statements to deter us from attacking,” Pry continued.

He noted that Pyongyang could be taking a page out of the old Soviet Union playbook.

“During the Cold War, the Russians had a secret weapon they called a fractional orbital bombardment system,” he said. “And the idea was to do a surprise EMP attack against the United States by disguising a warhead as a satellite. Because a satellite trajectory is different from an ICBM trajectory that is aiming to go into a city. You know, for accuracy on an ICBM you launch it on a lower energy, 45-degree angle that follows a classic ballistic trajectory. Like a rifle. To land your missile on a city.”

In January, The Blaze reported, Pry said even a small weapon detonated over the U.S. could do massive damage, adding that it isn’t the nuclear yield that is the biggest danger, but the gamma rays emitted by the weapon.

In April network site Bugout.news reported that the EMP Commission projected an atmospheric EMP detonation over the country could result in a casualty/death rate among Americans approaching 90 percent, due to starvation and societal breakdown, mostly.

In an earlier piece for Newsmax, Pry took the mainstream media to task for failing to understand the North Korean EMP threat.

He has also written that a recent North Korean missile test was viewed as a failure and was reported as such by the world media, but he’s not so sure. He says the missile blew up around 70 kilometers into the sky - precisely the distance a nuclear device would need to be detonated over the U.S. to cause major electrical grid outages and the infrastructure it powers. He believes it was intentionally detonated at that distance, and he says South Korean officials believe the same thing.




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