Obama allies have nothing new to add to the bogus ‘Russia hacked the election’ narrative

(NationalSentinel) Politics: Former Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates, a darling of the Marxist Democratic Left, is testifying before a Senate subcommittee today as the panel continues to probe the fake news narrative that Russia somehow intervened in the Nov. presidential election on behalf of Donald J. Trump.

But despite some of the breathless reporting before her testimony - and what will undoubtedly come after it - Yates, appointed to her position by Barack Obama, will have little to add to this narrative of any substance.

Already the salient point she is expected to make - that she “warned” the incoming Trump administration about retired U.S Army Gen. Michael Flynn, whom Trump initially named as his national security advisor, over his alleged “ties” to Russia - is being disputed. President Obama also, reportedly, ‘warned’ Trump about Flynn.

“Obama made it known that he wasn’t exactly a fan of General Flynn’s,” White House press secretary Sean Spicer told the press gaggle today when asked about Flynn. He also said that if Obama was really worried that Flynn was this big security risk, he should have taken action.

“Why didn’t he suspend General Flynn’s security clearance, which they had just re-approved months earlier?”

Flynn served nearly three years as the head of the Defense Intelligence Agency after being appointed by Obama; he was fired, some say, because he wasn’t ‘fully on board’ with Obama’s apologetic, absent-minded, amateurish foreign policy.

In any event, Flynn’s “ties to Russia” have amounted to little more than a couple of paid appearances and some lobbying, nothing illegal or even illicit. That he wasn’t completely truthful about those activities with Vice President Mike Pence has more to do with why he’s no longer Trump’s advisor than anything else the Democrats and the narrative-driving establishment media are claiming. Also, Flynn’s trip to Russia in 2015 was carried out under that security clearance granted by Team Obama. Yeah, about that

Nevertheless, the loony Left and their sycophants in the media will paint Yates as the hero, the “non-partisan careerist” and voice of reason attempting to do the incoming Trump administration this huge favor by “warning” Trump to dump Flynn. Ask yourself when the last time anyone on the Left was sincerely trying to help Trump out. The answer: Never. And let’s not forget, this “non-partisan” public servant was fired by Trump because she refused to defend his first executive order barring travel to the U.S. from seven terrorist-infested countries the Obama regime had already identified as such.

For his part, Trump is defending Flynn by questioning the Obama administration’s decision to continue certifying that he was no security risk by reinstating his clearance. He’s also said to be frustrated with some of his own team members who appear all too willing to cast Flynn to the dogs, Axios reports.

As for Yates, Trump has a question for the panel to ask:

Leaking was rampant during the weeks before and after Trump ascended to the Oval Office. It’s a legitimate question that perhaps the ranking official at the Justice Department could and should answer.


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