(NationalSentinel) Healthcare: Republicans have long claimed they are the party of less government, smaller government and pro-business. They have a golden opportunity now to prove they still believe in these principles.

As reported by CNBC, a recent survey of small business owners found a solid majority - 60 percent - want the GOP to repeal Obamacare, because it is eating into their profits, destroying expansion and hurting job growth. Plus, the law’s myriad of requirements, provisions, mandates and regulations have essentially blown up the private insurance market, driving up premium and out-of-pocket costs:

Health care has become an ongoing source of pain for many small-business owners. It was the top issue owners wanted Trump to address in a survey of 700 owners and prospective buyers in late February by BizBuy Sell, a marketplace for small businesses.

Among respondents, 60 percent favored an ACA repeal. The major reason: spiraling health insurance premiums — often a result of insurance companies fleeing the marketplace.

It is a trend affecting business owners in all states. Ross Coulter, 49, and his wife, who run a two-person public relations firm in Dallas, have been hunting for a new health insurance plan after Humana notified them it was discontinuing their current one. They had no immediate plans to slow their search after the House vote. They are looking for an affordable replacement by July 1 for the high-deductible plan, for which premiums are $900 a month for the couple and their three children.

“The only plans that are comparable would be a $400- or $500-a-month increase,” says Coulter, who is now considering options like a Medi-Share plan, run by Christian Care Ministry, in conjunction with a cancer-coverage policy, CNBC reported.

Obamacare’s ridiculous regulatory burdens have created a perverse condition within the  health insurance market: In an attempt to keep their monthly insurance premiums affordable, millions of Americans are purchasing high deductible plans, but are forgoing medical care or unable to pay for services rendered because the deductibles are so high it’s as if they don’t really have any coverage:

Some Americans who have bought high-deductible plans to lower their premiums — a popular strategy amidst rising premiums — have found that high out-of-pocket costs make getting medical care unaffordable. When Paula Muto, a vascular and general surgeon in Lawrence and North Hanover, Massachusetts, looked into unpaid bills in her solo private practice recently, she found that many were for patients who had high-deductible plans. “It was the people with insurance, that couldn’t pay the deductibles, that weren’t paying us,” she says.

Meanwhile, the man half-responsible for imposing this disaster upon the nation - Barack Obama - is urging members of Congress to reject GOP repeal efforts, which means he is for keeping the current unaffordable system he created in place.

Of course. Like all members of Congress, Obama’s healthcare is mostly paid for (by taxpayers). What’s more, Obama is already on track to make millions of dollars per year post-presidency, meaning he’ll never have any trouble whatsoever affording his healthcare.

But you? Well, you’re going to have to remain mired in government-run, government-controlled healthcare hell - probably well into the future, because regardless of what the House-passed “repeal” version consisted of (and it wasn’t much), GOP “leaders” in the Senate have already vowed to write their own version of the bill, which will assuredly contain even less “repeal and replace.”

If states ever had a reason to nullify federal law - and we don’t say this lightly - it is over the issue of healthcare. All Americans require it at some point in their lives - some more than others. If the tone-deaf elitist fools in D.C. can’t get rid of a law that has simply made it unaffordable to get medical care, states should ignore it (like they are ignoring federal marijuana laws and federal immigration laws) and, with voter input, implement their own system.

Enough already.


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