(NationalSentinel) Legal: Billionaire investor and serial globalist meddler George Soros may have finally schemed against the wrong person.

A $10 billion suit filed recently in federal court in New York City against the Leftist Soros by Israeli company BSG Resources alleged that Soros used various groups and other undue influence – including payoffs – to freeze the firm out of a lucrative iron ore mining opportunity in the poor African nation of Guinea.

Fox News reports that the suit alleged Soros meddling in the deal – which BSRG lost – to settle political scores, which critics say is his usual modus operandi:

The 86-year-old investor, who controls a web of international nonprofits in addition to his vast financial empire, used his sway with the government of Guinea to freeze Israeli company BSG Resources out of the West African nation’s lucrative iron ore mining contracts, according to the suit filed last month in New York Federal Court by BSG Resources.

“Soros was motivated solely by malice, as there was no economic interest he had in Guinea,” BSGR alleges in court papers.

Soros’ people deny he was meddling and assert that his only interest in the deal was altruistic. However, his critics – and they are legion – know better. They see the blockage as just another effort by Soros to sow political discontent against a Western firm because of his Left-wing politics.

That includes officials in his birth country of Hungary, who are committed to pursuing policies aimed at thwarting him and the Leftist front groups he funds to subvert the country’s political process.

“We are committed to use all legal means at our disposal to stop pseudo-civil society spy groups such as the ones funded by George Soros,” Hungary’s top education official, Minister of Human Capacities Zoltan Balog said recently.

Soros has spent heavily to fund far-Left Democratic Party candidates in the U.S., including the last presidential election when he backed Hillary Clinton in her second unsuccessful bid to become president.

As for the current lawsuit:

…BSG is controlled by Soros’ nemesis and fellow billionaire Beny Steinmetz, who accuses Soros and his nonprofits of orchestrating a bribery probe to manipulate the administration of President Alpha Conde to strip BSGR of mining contracts.

Steinmetz claims Soros was motivated by hostility toward Israel and a 20-year-old grudge against Steinmetz regarding a business in Russia and his alleged hostility towards Israel.

“To Soros, Steinmetz’s success, as well as his active, passionate promotion of Israeli life, business and culture are anathema,” BSGR said in the complaint. “Soros is also well known for his long-standing animus toward the state of Israel.”

BSG was stripped of its mining rights when it refused to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to keep its mining license, according to the suit, which further alleges Soros enlisted Obama’s Department of Justice to investigate BSG.

J. Christian Adams, a former DOJ attorney under the Obama administration who is now president of Public Interest Legal Foundation, told Fox News Soros had the Obama DOJ at his beck and call.

“Soros’ organizations in the U.S. were instrumental in shaping DOJ policy under the Obama administration,” Adams said, noting allegations that Soros was involved in police procedures and voter ID rules across the nation. “Americans do not understand the extent to which Soros fuels this anti-constitutional, anti-American agenda.”


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