(NationalSentinel) Executive Branch: The insane Marxist Left has taken another scalp from President Donald J. Trump – Tennessee state Sen. Mark Green, who withdrew his name from consideration as Secretary of the Army after being targeted with false claims regarding LGBT Americans and Muslims.

Fox News noted:

Mark Green, a Republican state senator from Tennessee, stepped aside after what he called “false and misleading” attacks against him which had caused his nomination to become a “distraction.”

“Tragically, my life of public service and my Christian beliefs have been mischaracterized and attacked by a few on the other side of the aisle for political gain,” he said in a statement first reported by The Tennessean.

“While these attacks have no bearing on the needs of the Army or my qualifications to serve, I believe it is critical to give the President the ability to move forward with his vision to restore our military to its rightful place in the world,” he said.

Several Democrats and some Republicans including Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., had taken aim at comments he made in September in which he said transgender people are suffering from a disease. McCain called the comments “disturbing.”

Also in September, he said a stand needed to be taken against “the indoctrination of Islam” in public schools. He also referred to the “Muslim horde” that invaded Constantinople centuries ago.

He is now the second nominee for Army secretary to withdraw from consideration. Vincent Viola, owner of the Florida Panthers, withdrew his name in early February.

Green, a retired Army infantry officer-turned-Army physician is a devout Christian, and that’s the real reason why the Left hates him so much. His comments, McCain’s “concerns” aside, are not controversial or even wrong in the context of which they were made. There are more than a few troops serving now in the U.S. military who agree with Green that anyone who claims to be the opposite sex is suffering from a disease – a mental disorder. Even the American College of Pediatricians, not a “fringe” group, says so.

The statement about Islam is also spot-on; why teach one religion in American schools that generally forbid instruction on another religion (Christianity)? As for the hordes, Green is historically spot-on.

The Left wants us to ignore what we see and know to be true, so they use bullying tactics to force their point of view on everyone. It’s probably best that Green did withdraw his name because when you have has-beens RINOs in the Senate like John McCain who loves to side with Marxist Democrats, his chances of being confirmed were slim.

Draining the swamp cannot be done solely by Trump. Voters will have to do their part as well at the ballot box.


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