(NationalSentinel) Politics: A bombshell new report claims that subversive members of Congress, #nevertrump critics to the end, are continuing to investigate and analyze ways to oust President Donald J. Trump using the 25th Amendment, which provides for the removal of presidents who are deemed unfit for office due to mental or physical incapacity.

As claimed by The New Yorker, there are scores of congressional members, historians, constitutional experts and others who believe there is a good chance that Trump has already embarked on a course that will eventually get him impeached.

“Nobody occupies the White House without criticism, but Trump is besieged by doubts of a different order, centering on the overt, specific, and, at times, bipartisan discussion of whether he will be engulfed by any one of myriad problems before he has completed even one term in office—and, if he is, how he might be removed,” wrote Evan Osnos.

He claims to have spoken with “several dozen people about the prospects of cutting short Trump’s Presidency,” including “his friends and advisers; to lawmakers and attorneys who have conducted impeachments; to physicians and historians; and to current members of the Senate, the House, and the intelligence services.”

“This is a conversation that people are having around the dinner table, it’s one people have at the office, members of Congress are talking about it in private and the question is very simple: is this a president who is able to do the job and is able to go the distance,” Osnos said on MSNBC’s The Last Word.

Here is the relevant constitutional clause from the 25th Amendment. Under Section 4, a president can be removed from office if he is judged to be “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” by the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet secretaries or by a congressionally appointed body, such as a panel of medical experts.

If the president disputes the findings, then Congress would have three weeks to decide if he should be removed; a 2/3 majority vote is required in both chambers.

You should understand what is taking place here.

That this story is even being written and published barely 100 days into a first-term presidency is beyond compare. But it’s because the most dangerous aspect of Trump to all of these people who are trying to get rid of him is that he has a very good chance of succeeding in “draining the swamp,” or, at least, they believe he does. Either way, they certainly don’t want him even trying.

The swamp is their creation, and they’re not about to allow it to be “drained” by some outsider-turned-politician. That fact that he won the presidency fair and square is of no consequence to these people; they hate what he wants to do, they hate what he stands for, they hate the people who voted for him and every day he remains in office, that is an affront to them.

The Deep State, with help from the pathetic, discredited “mainstream” media, is at war with this president and will use all its power to eject him from his rightful place as head of the Executive Branch. Elections don’t matter to the these people; maintaining their control and grip on power is all that matters.

Democrats are in on this. Republicans are in on this, which is why it has been so “difficult” for Trump to deliver on campaign promises - he doesn’t even have the whole of his own party behind him.

Trump is the target, and the unprecedented effort to get rid of the first people’s president since nearly the founding of the country is afoot.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, an informal advisor to the president, completely understands what is going on here, though he’s not so sure Trump administration figures do.

“None of these guys understand that this is a war, and, if the left can put them in jail, they’re going to put them in jail,” he told The New Yorker.

Even close associates realize what’s going on:

His longtime friend Christopher Ruddy, the C.E.O. of Newsmax Media, talked with him recently at Mar-a-Lago and at the White House. “He tends to not like a lot of negative feedback,” Ruddy told me. Ruddy has noticed that some of Trump’s associates are unwilling to give him news that will upset him. “I don’t think he realizes how fully intimidating he is to many people, because he’s such a large guy and he’s so powerful,” Ruddy went on. “I already sense that a lot of people don’t want to give him bad news about things. I’ve already been approached by several people that’ll say, ‘He’s got to hear this. Could you tell him?’ ”

The Deep State will accept nothing less than a victory. Game on.


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