(NationalSentinel) Foreign Policy: During his campaign, Donald J. Trump promised to reverse liberal refugee admission policies enacted by President Obama for the purposes of further diluting traditional American culture.

A new analysis by USA Today provides the first evidence that Trump has also kept this promise:

The number of refugees arriving in the United States has dropped sharply this year because of President Trump’s threats to bar their entry, even though his order for a total 120-day ban has been blocked twice by federal courts, a USA TODAY analysis of government figures shows.

The U.S. accepted 2,070 refugees in March, the lowest monthly total since 2013, according to State Department data. April ended with 3,316 refugees admitted, the second-lowest total since 2013.

“The statements from this administration about refugees are shocking to me,” said Kay Bellor of the Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Service, which resettled 13,000 refugees in 26 states last year. “It’s language I’ve never heard used with refugees, who have always enjoyed bipartisan support because they’re the best part of what the U.S. does.”

We expect USA Today to take the far-Left’s position on this issue, because, well, that’s the editorial bent of the paper. But clearly even with having his two orders blocked by liberal judges (those will be overturned if the cases make it to the Supreme Court, and they should), Trump’s mere pledge to curb entry into the U.S. from countries that harbor unacceptable terrorism risks has been enough to reduce the steady steam of refugees Obama let in.

Trump’s rhetoric and his administration’s commitment to enforcing immigration law has had a similar effect on illegal border crossings. They, too, are down dramatically and in fact, migrants from Central America are shunning the U.S. and seeking entry into Mexico instead.

Trump – along with much of the Western world – has been impacted by the negative effect mass refugee resettlement (from mostly Muslim countries) has had on countries, especially in Europe, where migrants have numbered in the millions. And no amount of liberal media whining can change the facts that a) some cultures just don’t mix well; and b) Western Christian/Jewish cultures are not behind the uptick in violence that we’ve seen.


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