(NationalSentinel) Corruption: We always figured it would be a long shot to request that former Obama National Security Advisor Susan Rice, accused of requesting the unmasking of Trump campaign figures from intelligence reports, appear before congressional committees to answer questions as they probe potential Russian interference in the U.S. election.

And we were right. Rice, hiding behind lawyers and making excuses, has refused to appear before a Senate subcommittee because, well, she’s probably guilty.

As Fox News noted, her refusal to testify did not escape the attention of President Donald J. Trump, as little does when it comes to this kind of purposeful political nonsense directed at him and his campaign/transition team:

Rice was asked to testify by Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., but because the panel’s ranking Democrat didn’t ask as well, Rice won’t play:

Rice’s lawyer, however, said she was declining to appear before the group because the ranking Democratic member on the subcommittee, Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, did not agree Rice should testify, thereby making the request “a significant departure from the bipartisan invitations extended to other witnesses.”

Got it. Nice cherry-pick.

Multiple sources have said that Rice requested that Team Trump members be unmasked from intelligence that was being conducted against legitimate foreign targets, but with the underlying goal of catching anyone associated with the president’s campaign doing something untoward or even illegal.

In other words, she and Obama greatly politicized U.S. intelligence, to the detriment of all Americans.

Whether or not she’ll eventually have to tell her side of it will depend now on whether Congress gets subpoenas or, better yet, the Justice Department issues them.


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