(NationalSentinel) Executive Branch: Liberalism is a cult and belief in global warming is nothing short of a religion to many, but regular churches have traditionally not been allowed to participate in the political process in a country that supposedly, via the First Amendment, guaranteed it.

On Thursday President Donald J. Trump signed an executive order that attempts to reinstate that freedom to churches, as the Washington Times reports:

President Trump signed an executive order Thursday to make it easier for churches to participate in politics and to protect faith-based groups from being forced to pay for abortion services under Obamacare, proclaiming, “We are giving our churches their voices back.”

At a National Day of Prayer ceremony in the White House Rose Garden, Mr. Trump signed the order directing the IRS not to “unfairly target” the tax-exempt status of churches and other religious organizations who engage in political speech.

“The federal government will never ever penalize any person for their protected religious beliefs,” Mr. Trump said.


The president’s order is aimed at easing an IRS provision that prohibits churches from directly opposing or endorsing political candidates. The action will direct the IRS to immediately “exercise maximum enforcement discretion to alleviate the burden” of the so-called Johnson Amendment, a tax provision dating from 1954.

The directive also will allow nonprofit organizations to deny certain health coverage for religious reasons. It’s aimed at protecting Christian groups like Little Sisters of the Poor, who have waged a court battle against the government mandate under Obamacare, from being forced to pay for abortion services.

Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price vowed to use the order to “re-examine” Obamacare’s mandate on covering contraceptive services – a mandate that could soon be a thing of the past if the House-passed Obamacare reform legislation earlier today makes it through the Senate.

“We will be taking action in short order to follow the president’s instruction to safeguard the deeply held religious beliefs of Americans who provide health insurance to their employees,” said Price.

Of course, waiting in the wings is the far-Left ACLU which pledged to file suit in federal court to stop the order from taking effect. That’s because the Left cares for all religions except traditional American Christianity and, of course, the Church of Global Warming. The ACLU claims the order violates the country’s “longstanding commitment to the separation of church and state.” But since Trump isn’t mandating that Americans adhere to a particular faith and Congress did not legislate same – prohibited by the First Amendment – we’ll see where this case ends up.


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