(NationalSentinel) National Defense: Increasingly, over the past decade, as Russia rebuilt its military and upgraded its forces, the Kremlin has been testing American and Western air defenses, most often with Tu-95 Bear prop-driven bombers, the Russians’ primary air delivery platform for nuclear weapons.

But earlier this week, the Pentagon says, American fighters based in Alaska intercepted a pair of Tu-95s that were being escorted by modern Su-35 “Flanker” fighter jets, a definite upping of the ante, so to speak, in critical skies.

As Fox News reports:

The Russian formation was intercepted by a pair of U.S. Air Force F-22 stealth fighter jets that were already flying a patrol about 50 miles southwest of Chariot, Alaska.

It was the first time the U.S. Air Force has seen advanced Russian Su-35 fighter jets escort Russian Cold War-era bombers near Alaska.

The Russian fighter jets were unarmed and remained in international airspace, officials said.

Late last month, Russian bombers flew near Alaska over four consecutive days for the first time since 2014.

Thursday’s episode comes one day after President Trump spoke over the phone with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The White House said the conversation focused on crises in the Middle East and North Korea, with no mention of recent Russian provocations.

The conversation was described in a readout as “a very good one.”

So, diplomatic speak aside, apparently there will have to be many additional conversations between Putin and Trump before these kinds of provocative flights come to an end.

And still, the perpetually confused and angry Left believes Putin helped Trump beat Hillary Clinton…



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