(NationalSentinel) Politics: We abhor identity politics, but unfortunately too many politicos in D.C. and the entire Democratic Party count on it and employ it as a way to empower themselves. So we have to play along.

That said, a new survey indicates there is growing support for President Donald J. Trump – the racist bigot – among Hispanics, the one ethnic group that is supposed to be universally against him because he dares to enforce all immigration laws.

As reported by Breitbart News:

A stunning new poll shows that Hispanic support for President Donald Trump has grown to 45 percent since his election.

“The biggest surprise in this new poll is Trump’s approval among Hispanic voters, which is at 45 percent approval/51 percent disapproval,”  Zogby said. “In February the numbers were less among Hispanics at 39 percent approval/53 percent disapproval.”

In November, Trump won roughly 29 percent of the Latino vote.

It is not clear why Trump’s support has risen among Latinos. But a series of polls stretching back to 2014 show that many Hispanics strongly support more border security to protect their communities from crime and low-wage labor. For example, a poll of Latinos taken in June 2014 showed “77 percent [support] for an e-verify system for employers [and] 78 percent for stronger border security.” The 2014 poll of 800 registered Latinos was funded by FWD.us, an advocacy group supported by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. 

While the same survey showed Trump’s overall approval rating drop, it has increased somewhat among Independents.

“Support among Independent voters has increased from 43% to 46% approval,” Zogby wrote. “A majority of younger voters (18-29 years old) disapprove (53%), while 39% of younger voters approve of Trump’s job as president. These numbers were identical three months ago.”

Also, the survey shows that Trump’s core supporters are still with him.

In any event, the poll’s findings are significant insofar as they tell a story that runs afoul of the Left-wing narrative that Trump’s support among Hispanics is negligible, and that the ethnic group is owned by the Democratic Party.


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