(NationalSentinel) Healthcare: The healthcare system created by Barack Obama and Democrats in 2010 has failed. There are no two ways about it. It’s imploding. Crumbling. Self-destructing.

Premiums that were supposed to be lower under Obamacare are higher – much higher.

Out-of-pocket costs (think deductibles) that were promised by Democrats and Obama to be lower under the Affordable Care Act are higher than ever before.

The health insurance industry has been turned into a government-run fiasco, just like every other government-run fiasco.

To say that the system is “broken” is like saying the Titanic is “taking on a little water” after striking the iceberg.

It’s not broken. It’s been destroyed. That is functions at all is a miracle of the adaptability of our healthcare professions – hospital and insurance executives, doctors, nurses, and other providers.

It wasn’t supposed to be this way – remember? We were repeatedly assured by the liars in the Democratic Party that none of what has happened, would happen.

The country put a Republican in the White House who made it a point – a campaign pledge – to repeal and replace “failing Obamacare.”

A majority of voters put a majority of Republicans in Congress who also pledged – for seven years – they would get rid of Obamacare first chance they got.

Well, that chance has arrived. The opportunity is here. The time is now.

And what has happened?

Republicans once again are demonstrating why Congress in general and politicians in particular are thought of as highly as bed bugs.

That they haven’t already sent a repeal-and-replace bill to President Donald J. Trump is bad enough.

That they can’t seem to get their act together long enough to send him legislation now is a disgrace.

Well, it will be a disgrace if they don’t get it done this time.

Republicans have one more chance to be relevant. They have one more shot at getting this Obamacare repeal thing done. They have one opportunity to save the American healthcare system from becoming irreparably fractured.

Can they do it?

Democrats apparently believe they can, which is why they’re trying to scare GOP members into voting against legislation later today, as The Associated Press reports:

Democrats say House Republicans up for re-election next year will face a public backlash if they vote to approve a GOP health care bill.

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy told reporters late Wednesday that there are sufficient votes to pass the measure. That apparently means a vote will be held Thursday.

If you want to know what frightens Democrats, listen to what they oppose and see who they are trying to ruin. They don’t waste their time on issues that don’t threaten their relevance and importance.

Obamacare repeal and replace is vital to getting government out of the healthcare management business. Democrats don’t want that.

Republicans should, because they’ve said as much.

So do a majority of a Americans, because they’ve said as much. It’s one big reason why the GOP, and not Democrats, are in the majority.

The time is now, GOP. Democrats are on the ropes. Healthcare is dying under Obamacare.

The voters are counting on you.

UPDATE: 2:23 p.m. EDT: The House passed an Obamacare replacement bill with just enough votes to get it done; 20 GOP lawmakers refused to vote for the legislation, while every Democrat voted against it as well. Now the bill goes to the Senate, where the real fight begins.


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