(NationalSentinel) Politics: New Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez has made it clear that his party does not believe the United States is a sovereign nation that has an inherent right to protect and defend its own borders.

As reported by The Daily Caller, Perez, a radical, radical Left-wing extremist and President Obama’s former Labor secretary, spoke at a May Day immigrant and workers’ rally in Washington, D.C., on Monday, touting the party’s strategy of shunning traditional groups - namely white, male working class voters - in favor of a coalition of ethnic factions.

“The Democratic party will always be here, fighting for you,” Perez told the group Monday afternoon. “The Democratic party is here, fighting for you.”

Claiming that “our diversity is our greatest strength,” Perez noted, “Our most important power is not the mister in the White House, I can’t even mention his name, the power is with all of you.”

We’ll help you, Perez: It’s Donald J. Trump, not Hillary R. Clinton.

Perez noted further, before extolling the power of big labor (which the Democratic Party has been instrumental in decimating), “No human being is illegal, we must treat everyone with dignity.”

While no doubt the party’s rabid Left-wing base will clap like trained seals and bleat like sheep over such comments, the fact is every nation has a right to protect and defend its sovereign borders. And to be sure, no nation guards its borders more jealously than Mexico, unless of course the Mexican government is allowing illegal crossers into the country just long enough to transport them to the U.S. border.

As for “diversity” being our strength, it’s not a little ironic and wicked that the Democratic Party actually uses “diversity” as a political weapon, purposely pitting ethnic groups against one another to bolster its own power.

Left-wing Marxism like this destroys nations, it does not build them. For a quick reference, see Venezuela.


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