(NationalSentinel) War: New satellite images show that North Korea appears to be prepping a portion of its submarine force to test-fire ballistic missiles that reportedly are capable of reaching U.S. shores.

Also, as reported by The Sun, the images show a new barge at the country’s Nampo naval shipyard along the west coast that is similar to one located in the east that has been involved in recent tests.

The Sun:

Website 38North, which monitors military activity in the communist country, claims the newly-installed barge could be an indication that North Korea is planning to “accelerate its SLBM test program.”

Long-range ballistic missiles (ICBMs), and their submarine-housed counterparts (SLBMs), are rockets which can carry nuclear bombs and would be capable of striking the west coast of the US including cities such as Los Angeles and Seattle.

The 68ft barge was most likely bought from abroad and not built in North Korea, reports 38North.

It is also near-identical to another barge in the Sinpo South shipyard on the other side of hermit kingdom which has been involved in six missile test launches since 2014.

The North’s sub force has always been one of the great unknowns. The North Korean navy is believed to have around 50 submarines, some of which are newer models that are likely capable of launching ballistic missiles.

North Korea tested an SLBM in August, NationalSecurity.news reported. The missile showed improved capabilities.

Meanwhile, the U.S. naval buildup continues in the waters off the Korean coast, with a resupply ship heading to the region on Monday that is being shadowed (protected) by Japan’s largest warship.

Also, we reported Monday that China is searching desperately for North Korean interpreters, a sign that it fears the worst and is expecting to deal with a flood of refugees from the Hermit Kingdom.


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