By J. D. Heyes

(NationalSentinel) Politics: Many of us seasoned politicos were cautiously optimistic that a presidential victory by Donald J. Trump, coupled with Republican control of both chambers of Congress, would finally amount to at least a halt, if not an outright reversal, of the Left’s encroaching Marxism, which has been destroying traditional American social, cultural and economic mores and norms for a century.

Well aware that it would take time to repair decades of Leftism, now fully embraced and championed by the Democratic Party, we hopeful conservatives were also willing to be patient and allow the new president and the GOP Congress some time to get settled in, get focused, and get busy doing what they were elected to do: Dismantle the Left-wing crazy that was so roundly rejected in 2010, 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Republicans have had plenty of time to get ready for this moment. Given larger and larger majorities in the House and Senate in the Age of Obama, they, too, could clearly see the trend taking place in America – the thirst for a return to traditional, constitutional values and law and order was palpable.

Trump embraced these principles on the campaign trail, and since Inauguration Day has been attempting to implement the mandate we gave him – and his fellow Republican lawmakers, all of whom ran on pretty much the same platforms of small government conservatism, repeal of Obamacare, embrace of border security and reforming (as in lowering) taxes.

But alas, we now found that Trump was serious and the bulk of the Republican Party, especially its hapless, co-opted, lobbyist-controlled and donor-owned leadership, beginning with House Speaker Paul Ryan.

The budget “deal” that he and the other Republican leaders in both the House and Senate just reached to “keep the governing running” is a pathetic surrender not only of promises and pledges made, but of principle and party orthodoxy. When Democrats cheer about anything the GOP has initiated (and then agreed to), the only thing Republicans can do is shake their heads in bewildered disappointment and understanding that, once again, our party has betrayed us.

  •  Sanctuary cites? Funded.
  • Obamacare? Funded.
  • Massive “refugee” resettlement in America? Funded.
  • Planned Parenthood? Funded.
  • The Border Wall? Not funded.
  • More border security and Border Patrol Agents? A little funding.
  • * The promised military build-up? Not quite.

It’s definitely a budget Barack Obama, Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi can be proud of. And heck, they’re not even in charge. What a coup!

We’ve been patient here at The National Sentinel, mostly with the president – the non-politician billionaire who gave up a very comfortable, successful life in an effort to help save the country that has given him, and most of us, so much. As we do, he also sees the country slipping away into the abyss of Marxist Leftism, the depths of which we will never recover should it overtake our constitutional system.

We’ve been far less patient with the GOP leadership and, at times, downright angry with them for their inability to even pass the most basic legislation to fulfill a pledge they’ve been making for years – repeal and replace Obamacare.

It seems that, after all is said and done, when it comes time to actually deliver on the promises they’ve made, GOP leaders (and many within the Republican ranks) have no stomach for governing, no will for opposing the Left, and no ability to understand the mandate voters have repeatedly given them for the past six years. It’s now crystal clear they are beholden to their donors, who love open borders, big government, competition-stifling intervention in the economy, and control of the masses.

So there’s no other way to say this except bluntly: If you bastards don’t want to govern or can’t govern, then get the hell out of Washington, D.C., and let a Republican who still believes in the party’s founding small government, liberty-minded, free-market principles take your seat. We have a country to save – so you need to lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way.

And as for you, Speaker Ryan, an observation: Apparently, the selling of your political soul to the Washington establishment was worth the betrayal to your party, your voters and your conscience. We can only hope voters will grant you an early retirement come 2018.



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