(NationalSentinel) War: In yet another sign that the United States and its allies are likely planning for war on the Korean peninsula in an effort to destroy North Korea’s nuclear and ICBM programs, the Chinese government is urgently searching for Korean interpreters to sent to a small town near its border with Pyongyang.

As reported by the Korea Times, which cited a report by the Oriental Daily, a newspaper based in Hong Kong, the move sends a signal that Beijing is preparing for an “emergency” on the peninsula that would result in an exodus of North Korean refugees into China.

The April 27 report in Oriental Daily included a graphic of a Chinese government document ordering the town of Dandong to recruit a number of Korean-Chinese interpreters to work at 10 departments within the town, including border security, public security, trade, customs and quarantine.

“The document did not specify the reason behind the unusual, large-scale recruiting. But experts and local citizens said the move indicated that China was bracing for a possible military clash between the United States and North Korea,” the Korea Times noted. “This might trigger a huge exodus of North Koreans to border towns in China.”

The Oriental Daily noted further that leaders in Dandong ordered city officials on April 25 to begin working 24-hour shift, again in anticipation of military action on the peninsula.

Whether that occurs or not, the reports noted, depends in large part on North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, who so far has remained defiant in the face of a gathering military force including ships, troops and planes from the United States, Japan and South Korea.

This open source intelligence is another solid indication that the fate of the North Korean nuclear and missile programs has already been decided.


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