By J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief

(NationalSentinel) Media: The primary reason why there has been a proliferation alternative media in the U.S. is because the establishment media has allowed itself to become co-opted by a singular political ideology – the Alt-Left – not shared by the vast majority of Americans.

Most of the country identifies either as conservative (37 percent) or moderate (35 percent), not liberal (24 percent), so it only stands to reason that the establishment press, which is very liberal, would get such a poor approval rating from the public.

As noted by the Morning Consult, the country’s political media reflects how out-of-touch the “mainstream” media is with the real mainstream of the country:

In the new poll, roughly half (51 percent) of Americans said the national political media “is out of touch with everyday Americans,” compared with 28 percent who said it “understand the issues everyday Americans are facing.”

President Donald J. Trump, according to the same poll, is slightly more trusted (31 percent) than the media (29 percent), but it’s early in his administration and, frankly, as a journalist of 30 years I can tell you with confidence the continued negative coverage of Trump by the mainstreams is affecting those numbers.

But then that’s the problem my liberal media colleagues don’t get in the first place: No matter how “fake” or inaccurate or over-the-top their reporting on this president, they continue to double down, which, in turn, continues the downward trend of Americans’ trust in the political media:

Only 38 percent said they have “a lot” or “some” trust in the media covering Trump’s White House fairly, compared with about half (52 percent) who said they didn’t have much or none at all. Almost half (48 percent) also said they thought the media has been harder on Trump than other past presidential administrations.

An extensive piece today by Politico Magazine attempts to school its fellow (liberal) media travelers regarding what they still don’t get about Trump. But it’s flawed because the “experts” who were solicited for the story are cut from the same political cloth as the establishment media, which is evident from the very first few paragraphs. They are essentially talking to each other in the same bubble they’ve been in for decades.

They are still attempting to assuage their own consciences after failing to push Hillary Clinton and her many pantsuits into the Oval Office, so their “read” of Trump continues to be done through the prism of their ideological opposition.

They don’t “get” him, and they’re never “get” him – nor the bulk of the American people – because clinging to their ideology is reflexive and more important to them than honestly and fairly covering this (or any other Republican) president.

And the polling reflects that.

Our readership continues to grow because we’re not the establishment media. Theirs continues to decline because they are.


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