(NationalSentinel) Environment: The Church of Global Warming has many followers and, because it’s a cult-like religious belief to them, no amount of hard data will ever convince them they adhere to the teachings of a false god.

Nevertheless, it is incumbent upon the non-establishment, honest alternative media to report what is and what isn’t: And what isn’t is the supposed increase in “extreme weather” due to “global warming/climate change” caused by humans.

Climate Depot points this out in a new report that is replete with examples, data and other proof. Here’s a sample:

The federal government has just released yet another key piece of scientific data that counters the man-made global warming narrative. The federal U.S. Drought Monitor report shows that droughts in the U.S. are at record lows in 2017. See: Feds: U.S. drought reaches record low in 2017 as rain reigns – Sees lowest levels of drought ever monitored

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