(NationalSentinel) Media: In case you’re not yet aware, there is a full-fledged effort by the Left to take out it’s principle cable news competitor: Fox News.

The behavior of some of its hosts aside, this assault began with a New York Times expose, which reported that over the years mega-host (now fired) Bill O’Reilly paid out some $13 million in sexual harassment claims. This was after Roger Ailes, the man who made Fox News the powerhouse that it is, was let go for similar reasons (for the record, O’Reilly says the charges against him are bogus and that the truth will come out).

The most recent broadside: A Politico report that claims Fox News‘ morning show, “Fox & Friends,” is little more than a psyop for President Donald J. Trump’s supporters, giving them undo optimism when, in the age of Trump of course, we shouldn’t be optimistic about anything.

As crazy as all of this is, it’s already having an effect. Fox chief Rupert Murdoch’s sons, Lachlan  and James – who have taken over the day-to-day ops of Fox News, are much more liberal than their father and were reportedly leading the effort to get rid of O’Reilly, the network’s biggest cash cow.

Now we learn that Bill Shine – the current head of Fox News – may be on his way out as Lachlan and James are said to be looking to replace him with a woman.

While James and Lachlan may fancy themselves as smarter than your average bear, you have to be some kind of stupid to make massive changes that will result in your killing off a golden goose, and all over a political ideology at odds with the one that brought you to the big leagues in the first place.

But never fear, Fox News fans: A new conservative network is said to be in the works. As reported by Mediaite:

On the heels of major shakeups at the Fox News Network, an alternative conservative network is being actively discussed amongst conservative fat cats.

A well-placed source close to the proposal tells Mediaite that serious discussions are underway to create an alternative conservative cable network on the belief that the Fox News Network is moving too far to the left. The source, who is engaged in the talks, says a meeting is planned for today with two prominent high-powered television executives, some underperforming conservative networks and people who have an interest and the ability to fund a new network.

This could be a planted story aimed at jolting Fox News‘ principles back into the conservative fold. But it could also be extremely valid.

Two “underperforming” conservative networks come to mind: Newsmax TV and the One America Network, which just recently landed a channel on DirecTV.

And who might be a part of this new conservative network? O’Reilly may be looking for a new TV gig. And so might Tomi Lahren, recently let go from BlazeTV.

The lineup isn’t finalized yet, but sources close to Mediaite told the entertainment site that the principles involved in the new network say it could be in 85 million homes almost immediately after launch.


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