(NationalSentinel) Unrest: The University of California-Berkeley may be set to explode once more following the cancellation of a speech this weekend of conservative author, lawyer and pundit Ann Coulter.

Even though she won’t be there, forces of the fascist Left and free-speech constitutionalists appear to be gathering nonetheless, reports have noted.

CBS San Francisco reports:

Following the cancellation of the Ann Coulter speech at University of California, Berkeley, far-right supporters plan to hold a rally Thursday to denounce what they claim is the attempted silencing of their conservative views, stoking fears of another violent encounter with far-left groups.

UC Police said it was preparing for violence Thursday between militant factions on both sides, even as the speech by the conservative firebrand Coulter was canceled over fears of violence.

Gavin McInnes, founder of the pro-Trump “Proud Boys,” said he would fly to Berkeley to speak Thursday and was encouraging other alt-right forces to make a large appearance at the gathering, scheduled for 2:00 p.m. at Civic Center Park.

In a YouTube video, McInnes challenged the so-called anti-fascist groups, “… our army will be a bigger audience than most of these liberals get when they do talks.  So you f***’ed up. Once again, you have created this mythical universe of Nazis on every corner and you’ve tried to shut it down based on that lie. Well, we’re not allowing that to happen. The show must go on.”


Though they somehow could not must up the courage to do so before Coulter’s speech was canceled, Berkeley city officials issued a press release calling for calm between rival protesting groups.

“This is the best way to keep yourself and others safe. It allows police to focus on and apprehend criminals while keeping bystanders safe,” the statement read. “People with cameras who surround violent incidents can complicate the safety of other peaceful bystanders and impede police. When individuals commit violence surrounded by a peaceful crowd, police are always concerned about how the violence might spill over onto those who are not committing any crime whatsoever.”

The statement also noted, “Separating yourself from violence also prevents those individuals from making their actions the image of your cause.”

Actually, “the best way” to keep people safe is 1) allowing anyone who is invited to their constitutionally guaranteed right to speak freely; 2) create a massive police presence with orders to use force against anyone who resorts to violence, to result in jail sentences, university expulsion or both; and 3) deploy the National Guard to support police.

This escalate of violence can be blamed directly on the fascist Left, for they - not “Alt-Right” groups (where have they been?) - are responsible for all the initial violence, which has been aimed at shutting down speech they don’t agree with.


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