(NationalSentinel) Politics: Flat out: If Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis., wants no part of making America great again, he should step aside and hand his gavel to someone who does.

Ryan - with his phony-baloney “Obamacare-lite” legislation and now his “suggestion” to leave funding for President Donald J. Trump’s border wall out of the budget “until next year” - are thinly-disguised acts of obstruction worthy of the Democratic Party.

It’s always “next year,” isn’t it, Speaker Ryan?

Yahoo News is reporting that the president may now be backing off his demand for initial border wall funding this year because of a must-pass spending bill that is coming up for a vote on Friday. Democrats (and some RINOs) have threatened to vote against the measure if it includes funding for the border wall.

This is Trump being pragmatic; what else is he going to do?

Besides, that’s not the point. If the GOP was unified under a good leader, they could get anything through to Trump’s desk that they wanted.

But they have to want it first.

And let’s face it, despite what he says publicly, Ryan’s actions prove he’s been lukewarm at best to the Trump presidency since the outset. And frankly, he continues to obstruct Trump at his peril, politically speaking.

The most recent surveys indicate the president has not lost any of his core support and in fact, were the election held again today, he not only would have beaten Hillary Clinton again, but would have captured the popular vote as well (negating California’s popular vote advantage to Clinton). Ninety-six percent of his supporters still back him, and the Democratic Party has lower ratings than does the GOP (which still isn’t good).

As for Ryan, The Wall Street Journal reports that the country isn’t much satisfied with him, and though he only has to convince a single district in Wisconsin to reelect him, national dissatisfaction tends to spill over into local elections. Plus, he’s got the rest of his party to contend with.

Even with slim majorities like the Republicans hold in Congress, Democrats - if they had that slim majority - would be finding ways to advance their agenda, a party unified with their Speaker.

Ryan’s days may be numbered if he can’t get over his Trump hate, and that’s okay. The president cannot “Make America Great Again” if his own party’s leadership isn’t on board and doesn’t have the political skill to get things done they all promised to do.


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