(NationalSentinel) Second Amendment: With Barack Obama, it was all Left-wing politics, all the time. He didn’t appoint a Cabinet member or other political lackey without their being able to pass an Alt-Left litmus test of various issues, including their zeal for gun control.

That included his surgeon general, Dr. Vivek Murthy. But now, President Donald J. Trump has made things right.

On Friday the administration – as it has every right to do – asked Vivek to resign, replacing him with Rear Adm. Sylvia Trent-Adams. She was previously the Deputy Surgeon General.

Indeed, Murthy was so pro-gun control that he nearly didn’t get confirmed – and wouldn’t have save for a RINO. As reported by Breitbart News:

…[H]e was so pro-gun control that Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV), a red state Democratic proponent of gun control, refused to vote for him.

But former Senator Mark Kirk (R-IL) crossed the aisle and voted yes in Manchin’s place, giving Americans a Surgeon General who viewed gun policy as a “health care issue.”

Murthy reiterated his ongoing support for gun control as recently as June 3, 2016, telling STAT:

I got into some trouble for saying gun violence is a public health issue. A little bit of trouble. But you know, I was stating what I think is the obvious, and I think most people in the country understand, which is that far too many people die from gun violence. And in my book, every single death from gun violence is a tragedy because it was preventable. It’s unacceptable.

Preventable? Then why is Chicago a shooting gallery? Why are large cities all over the country experiencing a resurgence of violent gun crime?

Oh, that’s right. Because guns are constitutionally protected and therefore available. It’s the Constitution‘s fault. It’s our founders’ fault.

If guns weren’t protected and available – and only the military and police had them - then there wouldn’t be any more gun-related deaths and crime.

But how does that explain gun deaths and violence in, say, Brazil, Mexico or Venezuela, where private gun ownership is outlawed?

Now, there certainly is a societal component to guns and gun violence. Many countries in Europe and Asia where private gun ownership is rare or has never been allowed have also been conditioned to believe they don’t have a personal responsibility to protect themselves.

The Second Amendment confers that responsibility first to American citizens. And most gun owners accept that responsibility willingly. That translates into very few gun-related crime among responsible gun owners.

What Murthy and the rest of the gun-grabbing Left constantly fail to do – by design – is equate gun violence and gun deaths to the criminal element within our society. That helps explain why the south side of Chicago is a shooting gallery but Dallas, Jefferson City, Mo., Witchita, Kan., and Phoenix, Ariz., among thousands of other cities and towns where responsible gun ownership is supported, are not.

It’s not that public servants like Murthy should not have an opinion about issues. But it only seems appropriate for American public servants to at least respect the basic tenets of the Constitution, rather than take positions that subvert the nation’s founding document.


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