(NationalSentinel) Politics: Well, the country was spared the obscene narcissism of Barack Obama  for a few months following his helicopter victory lap around Washington, D.C., on Donald J. Trump’s inauguration day.

But our collective vacation appears to be over. Obama’s due back in the public eye next week, reports The New York Times:

Barack Obama’s extended post-presidential vacation is about to end. After spending weeks in French Polynesia — including time on the yacht of the movie mogul David Geffen along with Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks and Oprah Winfrey — Mr. Obama will return to Chicago on Monday for his first public event as a former president.

His self-imposed silence since Inauguration Day will end with a series of events over the next four weeks. A Monday town hall-style meeting with students at the University of Chicago will be followed by an awards ceremony in Boston; a series of public remarks as well as private paid speeches in the United States and Europe; and an appearance at the Brandenburg Gate in Germany with Chancellor Angela Merkel.

The Times then is barely able to contain its ongoing contempt for Obama’s successor:

And yet, Mr. Obama’s supporters, who have been waiting eagerly for the former president to respond to his successor’s accusations and policy reversals, are likely to be disappointed.

Even as he witnesses President Trump’s relentless and chaotic assault on his legacy, Mr. Obama remains stubbornly committed to the idea that there is only one president at a time. Those closest to him say the former president does not intend to confront Mr. Trump directly on immigration, health care, foreign policy or the environment during any of his events.

To the Times, you see, once a Democratic president decides what policy ought to be, then no Republican successor is permitted to change it. Only Democratic presidents get to have a legacy, and if by some major stroke of bad luck (or Russian interference) some schmuck Republican manages to win, they are expected to leave every Democratic policy in place until the next Democratic candidate wins the presidency, in which time the Left-wing agenda can advance.

That Obama has decided to keep his mouth shut in the tradition of former presidents may seem admirable, but we already know that’s a ruse: He’ll be working behind the scenes to undermine Trump.

Meantime, see this as another display of the Times’ uncontrollable rage and hatred towards Republicans – especially those named Trump.


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