(NationalSentinel) Free Speech: The University of California-Berkeley has rescinded its cancellation of a speech by conservative pundit, author and lawyer Ann Coulter after initially claiming the institution could not guarantee she’d be safe if she showed up.

While rescinding the cancellation was the right thing to do, since after all college campuses have historically been reservoirs of unbridled free speech, the school’s initial concerns about her safety remain: Just how will UC-Berkeley protect Ms. Coulter? 

Because if she receives the same level of non-participation from Berkeley and Oakland Police that other conservative speakers have gotten in the recent past, she’ll be lucky if she comes out of there alive.

Without a major show of force accompanied by orders to do whatever it takes to protect her and her right to speak – in the same way that then-governor of California Ronald Reagan acted to combat out-of-control protestors on the campus of UC-Berkeley in 1969 – then we’re likely to see a level of violence that even exceeded what we saw during Milo Yiannopoulos’ February disaster.

Reagan had no problem ordering Berkeley Police and the California Highway Patrol to quell the violence anyway they saw fit. And quell it they did – with tear gas and buckshot. One student protestor was killed, while more than 100 were wounded. After that, Reagan declared a state of emergency and called in the California National Guard. The violence subsided.

There is no way far-Left Gov. Jerry Brown will do that today, especially for someone like Ann Coulter. Now, if Che Guevara or Fidel Castro were still alive and wanted to speak at Berkeley, Brown and the kooks who run that state would spare no effort or expense to protect them.

Which brings us back to the problem of Alt-Left violence on college campuses directed at speakers who don’t share the same Marxist/socialist views as many of the professors and their charges.

The New York Post says the answer is “new management.” That’s partially correct, but given the far-Leftist bent of most academics these days, it’s likely that all that would accomplish is moving Leftist administrators and professors from one institution to another.

No, the answer is order. Order must be enforced on these campuses. As the Post noted, too many students now believe that it’s okay to shut down the speech of someone they don’t agree with, and that using violence to do so is perfectly fine.

This kind of thought is being reinforced with every conservative speaker attacked and shut down.

The better solution, we think, is more along the lines of what former Justice Department chief of staff (for Reagan), author, scholar and talk show host Mark Levin suggested on-air recently: President Donald J. Trump should federalize the California National Guard, order them to the Berkeley campus with instructions to meet protestor force with force, and have Coulter accompanied on-stage by Attorney General Jeff Sessions (and whatever number of federal agents are necessary):


Unless or until the thuggish, Brown Shirt-type of violence against any speaker of any political persuasion (though the violence is mostly being directed at conservative speakers and thought) is met with a superior show of force, these kind of incidents are only going to escalate. Deaths, at some point, will occur.

If the institutions themselves can’t or won’t take the appropriate measures – beefed-up security, expulsion without tuition refund of students who behave violently, keeping non-students off campus – then obviously someone else with the power to do so has to step up.

Not only lives, but the Constitution must be defended.

Update: Breitbart News is reporting that Berkeley scheduled Coulter’s speech for a day when classes are out.

Coulter responded via Twitter:


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