(NationalSentinel) Media: If you’ve come under the impression – either through headlines in the so-called “mainstream media,” or through combative White House press briefings – that there may be just a bit of bias against President Donald J. Trump, you’d be right.

Only now it’s no longer just a “feeling.” It’s been proven by a new study of media coverage regarding the Trump administration.

As reported by NewsBusters.org, Trump administration coverage by the Washington establishment media and the legacy broadcast news networks is overwhelmingly negative:

As President Trump approaches the end of his first 100 days in office, he has received by far the most hostile press treatment of any incoming American president, with the broadcast networks punishing him with coverage that has been 89% negative. The networks largely ignored important national priorities such as jobs and the fight against ISIS, in favor of a news agenda that has been dominated by anti-Trump controversies and which closely matches what would be expected from an opposition party.

For example, President Trump’s push to invigorate the economy and bring back American jobs received a mere 18 minutes of coverage (less than one percent of all airtime devoted to the administration), while his moves to renegotiate various international trade deals resulted in less than 10 minutes of TV news airtime.

By contrast, though, eight years ago the same media was glowing in its support and coverage of newly-elected President Barack Obama, spending hundreds and hundreds of hours discussing his agenda at length:

For this study, MRC analysts reviewed all of ABC, CBS and NBC’s evening news coverage of Trump and his new administration from January 20 through April 9, including weekends. Coverage during those first 80 days was intense, as the networks churned out 869 stories about the new administration (737 full reports and 132 brief, anchor-read items), plus an additional 140 full reports focused on other topics but which also discussed the new administration.

Five big topics accounted for roughly two-fifths (43%) of the whopping 1,900 minutes of total network airtime devoted to the Trump administration. But those five topics accounted for a much larger share (63%) of the negative coverage hurled at the administration, as the networks covered each with an overwhelmingly hostile (more than 90% negative) slant.

The major topics – Trump’s executive order banning travel to the U.S. from terrorist-sponsoring countries; the GOP’s effort to repeal Obamacare; Trump’s claim he was “wire tapped” by the Obama administration; and the Trump administration’s effort to crack down on illegal immigration – all received overwhelmingly negative coverage.

So yes, if you thought that Trump and his administration were getting a bum deal from the media, you were right, and now a study supports that contention.

But what should we expect, really? The establishment media is nothing more than the propaganda wing of the Marxist Democratic Party, which helps explain it’s declining reach and influence as more Americans turn to alternative media outlets (like this one) to get the truth.


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