(NationalSentinel) Labor: Facebook announced on Monday it would not discipline any of its employees who decide to take part in observing International Workers Day on May 1, while adding that the company would punish its contractors if any of them disciplined their workers for taking part in the observation.

“At Facebook, we’re committed to fostering an inclusive workplace where employees feel comfortable expressing their opinions and speaking up,” a spokesman wrote in an emailed statement to Bloomberg Technology. “We support our people in recognizing International Workers’ Day and other efforts to raise awareness for safe and equitable employment conditions.”

“It’s important not just to the engineers and H-1B holders that are traditionally thought of as the immigrants in tech but also to folks who are subcontracted but work side-by-side on those campuses,” added Derecka Mehrens, co-founder of Silicon Valley Rising, a union-backed coalition. “Immigrants play a critical role in the tech sector — both as engineers and coders but also in keeping tech campuses running smoothly.”

All the big tech companies - Google, Facebook, Apple, Intel and Microsoft, among others - have opposed (in court) President Donald J. Trump’s orders banning travel to the U.S. from certain terrorism-infested companies, claiming that the order is somehow an affront to American values.

It sure seems like all these tech firms are uber-compassionate about immigrant rights, doesn’t it?

Well, that’s a convenient cover for the real reason why U.S. tech firms love immigrants - it’s because they can hire them more cheaply than their American counterparts.

H1-B visas were initially intended to complement the American workforce, not replace it. And yet, thanks to the the lax immigration enforcement of the previous administration, the program has “gotten out of hand,” Gary Beach, of the Wall Street Journal said.

How bad? So bad that displaced U.S. STEM workers (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) were the subject of a Senate hearing a year ago last month.

In July 2015, The Daily Caller reported that Microsoft laid off “thousands” to hire cheaper foreign H1-B visa holders.

In April 2016, Breitbart News reported Intel laid off 12,000 mostly U.S. workers and replaced them with more than 14,000 immigrant workers beginning in 2010.

In November, the Mercury News reported that tech employees of the University of California-San Francisco were facing layoffs, but told they must stick around long enough to train their cheaper, foreign-worker replacements. The reason: To save $30 million over the next five years.

“I don’t know of any other university that’s done this,” said Ron Hira, a Howard University professor who studies immigration and outsourcing. “At some point, you start to cross these ethical lines.”

Even the far-Left Mother Jones magazine declared that H1-B visa programs were “screwing” American tech workers.

So any tech company that tries to convince you they’re all about defending immigrant “rights” is lying.

They’re really all about defending their bottom lines - and while that’s okay, the least these pinheads could do is be honest about it.

Now for the good news: President Donald J. Trump is set to order new scrutinizing of H1-B visas. Per Fox News:

The order, dubbed “Buy American, Hire American,” would direct the departments of Homeland Security, Justice, Labor and State to propose new rules to prevent immigration fraud and abuse. Those departments would also be asked to offer changes so that H-1B visas are awarded to the “most-skilled or highest-paid applicants.”

The White House said the H-1B program is currently undercutting American workers by bringing in cheaper labor and said some tech companies are using it to hire large numbers of workers and drive down wages.


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