(NationalSentinel) Korea: A South Korean news agency is reporting that the United States is sending two more aircraft carrier battle groups to waters off the Korean peninsula.

The Yonghap News Agency identified the two additional carriers as the USS Ronald Reagan, which is currently at port in Japan, and the USS Nimitz, which is undergoing final deployment assessment at present, off the coast of Oregon. It is expected to enter the Sea of Japan next week.

A total of three carrier strike groups would give the United States more than 200 combat aircraft just from the sea; additional air power would come from Japan and South Korea. In total, the U.S. could realistically field somewhere around 400 combat aircraft including fighters and bombers for any campaign against North Korea’s nuclear, chemical and conventional weapons infrastructure.

And of course, that doesn’t include the massive cruise missile firepower the three battle groups possess – including at least one Ohio-class sub carrying 154 of the missiles.

Information is scarce and we would recommend verifying this information from U.S.-based sources as well. But Yonhap‘s South Korean government source also noted that having three carriers in the same area is uncommon.

In addition, there are Marine Expeditionary Forces in Asia, as the chart below shows:


We will continue to monitor the situation, but it should be noted if all of these deployments pan out, the Pentagon has been tasked with neutralizing the North Korean threat if remaining diplomatic efforts, such as they are, fail.


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