(NationalSentinel) Academia: Here’s more proof that top American college campuses remain fully committed to the same kind of political ideology that, when practiced in other countries, led to the rise of such humanitarians as Che Guevara, Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin and those Castro boys Cuba.

As reported by Heat Street, an outspoken conservative professor at UCLA may be forced out of his job by the faculty simply because he doesn’t kowtow to all of the politically correct nonsense like “safe spaces” and “trigger warnings.”

The site noted:

Keith Fink, a UCLA professor who teaches classes on entertainment law and free speech, fears the university could an upcoming professional review to help push him out of the institution.

Fink has previously caused waves on campus by refusing to embrace trigger warnings and safe spaces, prompting the university to block some students from taking his classes.

University policy dictates that every lecturer must undergo a periodic “Excellence Review” to judge their performance.

If a panel of senior faculty members decide the professor doesn’t meet the excellence standards, they are forced to leave the position.

Fink told The Daily Wire that such reviews are normally just a formality, but the university administration is throwing obstacles in his path.

Part of the effort to sack Fink is to withhold positive reviews of his performance from some of his students – because censorship is an Alt-Left trait.

He also claims the department ignoring his nominees for students to contact and using a different list, purposefully skipping one which praised him particularly strongly. Only when he noticed that the document was missing, the department fixed the allegedly accidental mistake:

The student who wrote the letter told the site: “No reasonable person would believe that my letter was ‘accidentally’ omitted from the dossier, because presumably it flatly contradicts the department’s narrative,” the student said.

“They asked me what my honest opinion was, and I spent hours articulating how Professor Fink is an excellent instructor and explaining the impact he has had on my life. It infuriates me to hear they attempted to (by accident or by malice) discard my opinion simply because it contradicts their mission.”

The UCLA administration also solicited a number of negative letters from students, which the professor believes are exaggerated.

One allegedly accuses him of using racial slurs – without the context that he was teaching a class on the First Amendment and whether they were protected.

Yes, it certainly sounds like the fix is in for Fink, proving once again that American academia has been nearly completely hijacked by the Marxist Left.

At some point conservatives need to realize that ‘working within the world of academia’ to ‘turn it around’ isn’t going to happen. We need our own institutions of higher learning and academics who are dedicated to the preservation of our constitutional republic.


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