(NationalSentinel) Judiciary: While there’s no operating procedure manual for Supreme Court justices, most new members don’t say a whole lot when hearing their first cases as they settle into their new role.

But the high court’s most recently appointed member, Neil M. Gorsuch, broke that mold during his first day on the job this morning.

As reported by Fox News, the now-full nine-member SCOTUS heard three oral arguments, in which Gorsuch was actively asking questions:

The 49-year-old Colorado native paid close attention to the arguments, sitting straight up and resting his hand occasionally on his chin.

He remained focused — not even chatting with his “bench neighbor,” Justice Sonia Sotomayor — as he asked a number of questions of counsel. The back-and-forth exchanges lasted more than 10 minutes of the first 60-minute argument. 

The first case out of the gate for Gorsuch was not a blockbuster, but the justice repeatedly pressed lawyers from both sides with his positions.

Gorsuch is considered to be a highly intellectual and extremely competent jurist, but that didn’t matter during his confirmation. Democrats largely rejected him, forcing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky to extend the chamber’s bypassing of the filibuster rule to include SCOTUS nominees. When he was in charge of the place, former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., ended filibusters for Obama’s federal court nominees so that he could appoint as many liberal activists to lifetime bench appointments as possible.

Which brings us back to President Donald J. Trump and Gorsuch, their are hundreds of federal court vacancies to be filled, and if POTUS’ first court pick is any indication, subsequent choices for the federal bench will result in a much-needed shift back to constitutionalism.


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