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Terrorism Party: Arizona Dem threatened to throat-punch female GOP colleague

And the pinhead of the week award goes to another Democrat

By J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief

(NationalSentinel) War on Women: Time and again, far-Left Democrats are proving they are the party of terrorism and violence, not the GOP.

The latest example involves a pinhead state representative from Arizona, Jesus Rubalcava, who threatened in an online post to punch a female GOP state senator “in the throat” over her sponsorship of legislation expanding the state’s school voucher program.

As reported by The Daily Caller:

“I wanted to punch her in the throat!” Rep. Jesus Rubalcava wrote on Facebook about state Sen. Debbie Lesko, whose legislation was signed into law last week by Gov. Doug Ducey.

“As a survivor of domestic violence from a previous marriage, Representative Rubalcava’s Facebook post saying ‘I wanted to punch her in the throat’ was very disturbing and totally inappropriate especially since he is an elementary school teacher and legislator,” Lesko said in a statement to the Arizona Republic. “I hope in the future that he debates issues based on their merit in a civil manner.”

Rubalcava has since deleted the post, although screenshots of it were captured by local news organizations. He later apologized on the House floor for the comment, citing the fact that he was raised by a single mom, according to the Republic.

Yeah, not good enough. This woman-threatening coward should not only lose his job as a teacher, he should be censured by the Arizona House and replaced by voters at the next election.

Enough already. Decent Americans are fed up with the bullying, threats and violence of the Alt-Left.

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