(NationalSentinel) Economics: Brainwashed American youth and old school communist Democrats hold Socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont in high esteem. But that’s because they’ve never actually lived in a socialist hellhole like those that exist in South America.

As Sanders’ popularity rose off his failed attempt to win the Democratic Party nomination (thanks to some nefarious behind-the-scenes maneuvering by party elders to ensure Hillary Clinton was anointed), the country the United States would most resemble if Sanders’ socialism ever dominates our economic model – Venezuela – continues to implode.

For years, the country’s economic decline has been documented in the media for all to see. Successive authoritarian socialists – first Hugo Chavez and now Nicolas Maduro – have continually doubled down on “the revolution” to the point where Venezuela, once the beacon of success in South America, has devolved into a nightmare.

Basic foodstuffs are unavailable; grocery stores are so barren they must be guarded by troops to prevent rioting; hospital supplies are non-existent; the country’s oil industry – once a pride and joy – is disintegrating; infants are dying of malnourishment; the currency is worthless; poverty has become rampant; and now, unable to take anymore, Venezuelans are taking to the streets to demand changes. The protests have turned deadly.

What about that other bastion of socialist revolution in the southern hemisphere, Cuba? The poverty there is so chronic that Cubans would rather die trying to reach Florida in rickety craft than live in their home country. The only Cubans who have it good are the Castros and the ruling elite; everyone else is a pauper.


But Sanders – who advocates for the very same state-run, state-owned economy that has ruined Cuba and Venezuela, among other socialist “paradises” – is popular only because the promise of “free this” and “free that” is appealing to most people. Always has been, and always will be. The problem with freebies though, is that someone has to pay for them. And those someones are usually “the wealthy,” but once their wealth has been stolen by government and redistributed, there is nothing left to steal because the incentive for the people to do well and be productive has been taken from them. Socialist societies thrive as long as there is a group of people around to pay all of the bills; once those folks run out of money or take their fortunes and hightail it, socialists don’t have anymore funds to redistribute.

Once the freebies run out, everything else runs out. And then the people come for the socialists.

Bernie Sanders is popular among a plurality of Americans because they’ve never been subject to Sanders’ socialism. If they ever are, they’ll change their minds, and fast. The only uncertainty is how many millions will have to suffer or die before they arrive at the conclusion that Sanders, and socialism as an economic model, are wrong.

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