(NationalSentinel) Politics: Once again, Democrats prove they lack the hypocrisy gene.

Former House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers, R-Mich., called on ranking member Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., to recuse himself from the panel’s ongoing investigation into Russian election interference for doing the same thing he and other Democrats accused current panel chairman Rep. Devin Nunes, R-Calif., of doing.

“For his part, Schiff suggested to the media that he had seen information on Russia-Trump campaign ties that was ‘the kind of evidence’ that would be presented to a grand jury, adding that he had seen additional evidence, but not elaborating further,” Rogers wrote in an op-ed Saturday on CNN.com.

In March, Schiff said on CNN:

I do think that it’s appropriate to say that it’s the kind of evidence that you would submit to a grand jury at the beginning of an investigation. It’s not the kind of evidence that you take to a trial jury when you’re trying to prove something beyond a reasonable doubt. But we’re at the beginning of an investigation, and given the gravity of the subject matter, I think that the evidence certainly warrants us doing a thorough investigation.

Left-wing groups and Marxist Democrats called on Intel Chairman Nunes to ‘recuse’ himself for essentially the same thing; Nunes did so after those groups filed a complain with the House Ethics Committee.


“Equally, Representative Adam Schiff should consider recusing himself from the probe,” Rogers wrote.

“Both Nunes and Schiff are equally to blame for the Committee’s loss of focus. How can a committee, which handles sensitive classified information, conduct its business when the purportedly secret information is discussed — even by insinuation — publicly in front of the media?” he wrote.

As for Schiff, he told ABC News‘ “This Week” he didn’t consider the suggestion by Rogers “a serious one.”

A lot of us have characterized how we’ve seen the intelligence. Some have said it looks more like smoke than fire. Some of us said it’s a small fire. Some have said they’ve seen no evidence. Mr. Rogers and others don’t quarrel with those who say they’ve seen no evidence. I don’t think that’s an accurate assessment. And I certainly don’t think I can let it stand. But I don’t think Mr. Rogers’ suggestion is a serious one.

Nunes has criticized the ethics complain as entirely politically motivated, and there is little doubt they are.

But Democrats play by different rules, which is to say, there are no rules for Democrats. Anything they do is fine, as the ends justify the means. Republicans, of course, are held to a far different standard – by their Democratic colleagues and the discredited establishment media.

Schiff should step down, but of course he won’t because doing so would admit he made a mistake, and Democrats never admit that they’re wrong.

The best thing for the country moving forward is for this Trump-Russia collusion hoax to die a quick death so the president and Congress can finally move forward addressing the country’s real problems – like Obamacare and tax reform.

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