(NationalSentinel) Barack Obama: If you were still holding on to the belief that the 44th president of the United States was proud to lead the country that elected him - twice - this should put an end to that once and for all.

Fair-minded critics of President Barack Obama could truthfully say that he was the most race-conscious commander-in-chief in modern history, regularly injecting race into domestic policy and observations.

Now we know why, and allegedly in the former president’s own words: From the outset he was taught to believe no matter what, America is a racist nation, despite everything successive generations have done to address our “original sin” of slavery.

As reported by the UK’s Daily Mail:

Barack Obama once called America a ‘racist society’ in an unpublished manuscript from his law school days, according to a Pulitzer Prize winning historian.

Biographer David Garrow says he uncovered a number of significant revelations about the former US president for his upcoming book on Obama’s life to be released next month. 

Garrow, who spent eight years researching and writing the biography, told The Jamie Weinstein Show that it was quite possible some of the revelations could have derailed Obama’s candidacy if they surfaced in 2008.

The historian said Obama and his friend Robert Fischer wrote hundreds of pages for a proposed book in the early 1990s when they were still in law school. The manuscript was never published. 


‘Racism against African Americans continues to exist throughout American society, an admittedly racist culture,’ Obama and Fischer wrote, according to Garrow. 

‘Precisely because America is a racist society we cannot realistically expect white America to make special concessions toward blacks over the long haul. 

‘The greatest testimony to the force of racist ideology in American culture is that it infects not only the mind of whites, but the minds of blacks as well.’

Obama appears to have brought this mindset into the White House, as again, he regularly inferred that the U.S. still had a long way to go in addressing “racism,” without ever really explaining how that could be possible after twice electing the nation’s first black president.

Such is the ideology of a Marxist. There need be no explanation for the obvious, because doing so would conflict with the narrative.

The truth is, however, racism can never been fully eradicated or addressed because it is a human condition. But through our Constitution and our lawmaking America has managed to deemphasize race as a mitigating factor in our daily life, despite Obama’s protestations to the contrary. That’s about all that can reasonably be expected for a civilized, multicultural, multi-ethnic society.

The only cultures and societies that don’t have race issues are those that are largely homogenous; would Obama prefer that America was less diverse instead?

It will be interesting to see what additional revelations his biographer finds.

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