(NationalSentinel) Equality: Well, well. Left-wing media giant Google is part of the problem when it comes to the issue of fair pay, it seems.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Labor Department has found pay discrepancies between men and women at Google, with women generally making less than their male counterparts. And while the findings have not yet let to formal charges, an investigation is ongoing:

An investigation of Google Inc. has found it systematically pays female employees less than their male counterparts, U.S. Department of Labor officials said, a claim that adds to allegations of gender bias in Silicon Valley.

The Labor Department found the gender-pay gap during a routine probe into whether Google, a federal contractor, is complying with laws that prohibit contractors from discriminating against applicants or employees.

The department is suing Google to compel the company to disclose more compensation data for its investigation. At a procedural hearing before a federal administrative law judge in San Francisco on Friday, Labor Department Regional Director Janette Wipper  said the agency “found systemic compensation disparities against women pretty much across the entire workforce” at Google, according to the Guardian newspaper, which attended the hearing.


Make no mistake, we’re all about equal pay for equal work. But it’s interesting that the Left – which complains the loudest about such disparities – is most often guilty of it. Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page are anything but conservative stalwarts, and yet Republicans most often get the blame for ostensibly paying women less than men or freezing women out of the workforce altogether, both of which are ridiculous claims.

One of the best examples of Leftist hypocrisy when it comes to this issue is when it was discovered via WikiLeaks that the Clinton Foundation was paying women less – something that deeply worried the presidential campaign of Hillary Clinton. In fact, the gender pay gap was so wide the campaign worried the “huge discrepancies” would attract the attention of journalists.

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