(NationalSentinel) Another reason to fear the future is that many students attending the nation’s Ivy League schools are so insanely Left they, like their professors, have absolutely no sense of reality. And they are the next generation of leaders.

As reported by Zero Hedge, a correspondent for Campus Reform recently went to Harvard University to find out which is more dangerous, President Donald J. Trump or ISIS?

The answers are frightening:

Campus Reform’s Cabot Phillips received some curious answers to that question from the hallowed halls of Harvard University, clarifying perspective on student’s mass dissonance in America…  


“I think he’s an asshole-in-chief… Terrorism is really not that big of a deal… ISIS is not a threat to everyday life; Trump’s rhetoric and ’empowering’ people with hateful views is more of a threat.

Maybe these students aren’t aware that ISIS terrorists cut off heads, rape young girls, kill gays and lesbians, and deny women all rights. Yeah, we could see how that’s less threatening than Trump.

Here’s the video; try not to vomit:

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