(NationalSentinel) Executive Branch: President Donald J. Trump said on Tuesday that he seeks to rally Americans behind his $1 trillion investment project to “rebuild” the country’s infrastructure, while vowing to roll back the massive federal regulatory regime and bolster jobs and industries.

“We are going to rebuild our nation. You’re the keepers of the great trades and traditions that built our country,” Trump told the North America’s Building Trades Union, where he promised again to “put America first.”

As Fox Business reported:

The president talked about protecting U.S. jobs by defending the country’s borders, as well as the administration’s proposed infrastructure package, which he said would be “an enduring symbol of American strength.”

“I’m calling on all Americans…to come together [to] take part in the great rebuilding of our country,” he said about the $1-trillion+ plan. “We must again summon that…national greatness to meet the challenges of our time.”

More than 3,000 trade leaders from across the country were in attendance for the speech and the group will be a large part of the construction effort if Trump’s promised infrastructure bill is approved by Congress.


Trump’s meeting with union bosses was one of two economy-focused meetings for the president on Tuesday.

During his speech before the trade union, the president promised to eliminate “job killing regulations” and told workers they will no longer have to wait “for approvals that never come.”

Earlier in the day in at a town hall with CEOs from more than 50 companies, Trump told the business leaders he would give Dodd-Frank a “haircut” as part of an effort to ease their financial afflictions.

“We are absolutely destroying these regulations that have been placed over your heads,” he said.

On the latter point, Trump and his Cabinet have already begun dismembering the federal regulatory apparatus which got a huge boost under former President Obama in the form of Obamacare, Dodd-Frank, the EPA Clean Air Plan and a host of other regulations.

In fact, Trump’s efforts to roll back regulations is the first serious one in the modern era. The last executive to do so was Ronald Reagan.

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