By J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief

(NationalSentinel) Media Corruption: A steady stream of reports from right-leaning and alternative media outlets since this weekend have detailed what is the most explosive White House scandal since the Watergate era: That the Obama administration, very likely with the former president’s direct knowledge, not only improperly spied on Donald J. Trump’s campaign and transition team, but then had the names of American citizens revealed (unmasked) and spread throughout the administration, knowing that at some point they would be leaked and the incoming Trump administration would be undermined.

This is a scandal of gargantuan proportion, and had it involved a Republican president, every single aspect of it would be covered wall-to-wall, dissected and parsed for weeks by the so-called “mainstream media” - CNN, MSNBC, Politico, CBS News, NBC News and so on.

Instead, since it’s the Obama administration and Democratic political operatives including his national security advisor and deputy national security advisor Susan Rice and Ben Rhodes respectively, the coverage is virtually non-existent.

Most of these Left-wing Washington establishment outlets, if they are covering the story at all, are giving Rice a platform to deny that she’s done anything wrong:

Susan Rice says unmasking of names wasn’t for political purposes – CBS News

‘I leaked nothing to nobody,’ Susan Rice insists – NBC News

Susan Rice says it’s ‘absolutely false’ Obama officials unmasked names for political purposes – ABC News

As for CNN, there is no coverage at all on this massive scandal. None. But that makes perfect sense, given that far-Left Obama supporter and hack Don Lemon declared last night that the claims are nothing but fake news being perpetuated by “right-wing media” and that neither he nor his network are going to be part of spreading it.

In fact CNN finds it more important to report that Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton are commemorating “Equal Pay Day,” part of perpetuating the lie that in the same positions and with the same training, women are not paid as much as men (Chelsea should ask her mother about that).


Talk about living in denial. No wonder CNN and the rest of these outlets are shedding readers as fast as they are shedding what remains of their credibility.

As we discovered after the November election, the real fake news has regularly come from these legacy media outlets – wildly inaccurate polling data skewing for Hillary Clinton; repeating the nonsensical and completely unsubstantiated claim that “Russia stole the election” after “colluding” with the Trump campaign; and now ignoring the most explosive scandal in the history of the presidency.

Indeed, the bombshell story that tied Rice to the gathering of intelligence on Team Trump and the unmasking itself was reported by an alternative media figure, Mike Cernovich, after the discredited establishment media – which had the story – refused to report it because demigod Obama is a Democrat. What’s really hysterical about this is that CBS News‘ “60 Minutes” program just recently declared Cernovich part of the “right-wing fake news” cabal.

You can’t make this stuff up.

Day in and day out, week after week, month after month the lamestream media proves time and again that it is nothing more than the propaganda division of the Democratic Party. They aren’t interested in the truth. They aren’t interested in even appearing unbiased any longer. They are little more than political operations for Democrats, telling what’s left of their readership and viewership only what they decide is important.

That would have made Nazi Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels proud.

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