By J. D. Heyes, editor-in-chief

(NationalSentinel) White House: It’s always interesting to hear the discredited establishment media talk about the “turmoil” and “chaos” within the Trump White House because much of the so-controversies that President Donald J. Trump and those in his administration have had to deal with was media-generated in the first place.

Be that as it may, even the lamestreams get it right once in a while. In this case, The Associated Press reported Monday that no matter what the president and his people have been dealing with publicly, behind the scenes Trump and his team have been hard at work doing what they pledged to do with their supporters: Get rid of as much Obama legacy as possible.

Per the AP:

Amid the turmoil over staff shake-ups, blocked travel bans and the Russia cloud hanging overhead, President Donald Trump is steadily plugging away at a major piece of his agenda: Undoing Obama.

From abortion to energy to climate change and personal investments, Trump is keeping his promises in methodically overturning regulations and policies adopted when Barack Obama was president.

It hasn’t all been smooth sailing.

Trump recently failed to fulfill his pledge to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, which continues to stand as Obama’s most recognizable domestic policy achievement. Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan couldn’t persuade enough fellow Republicans to back new health care legislation last month. Ryan pulled the measure just before a scheduled House vote.

Trump has had better outcomes in other areas.


Health care reform will get done, and then it’ll be on to tax reform and other pledges like the border wall, etc. But one of the most important promises Trump made was to improve employment opportunities for Americans and bring jobs back to the United States.

The more of the byzantine federal regulatory regime Trump and his department chiefs dismantle, the easier and more profitable it will be for companies to operate. One of the main reasons why American industry has been offshoring for decades is because Washington’s top-down, iron-fisted regulatory apparatus has choked the life blood (profitability) out of many industries, costing the American economy $2 trillion a year.

Who better to know that than a billionaire businessman-turned-president?

There was a reason why Trump picked several business types to head up the various federal bureaucracies: Because they have experience dealing with it in their former lives, and know what rules and regulations cost industry each year.

Add to that the Trump reversal of Obama’s killing off the Keystone XL pipeline, jump-starting the stalled Dakota Access Pipeline, and trashing the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the president’s efforts to peel away layer after layer of bureaucracy and open up America for business again will begin paying huge job benefits very soon.

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