(NationalSentinel) Crisis: Democrats continue to defend the poisonous health “reform” law they imposed on the rest of the country (while exempting themselves, of course), but there is no defending this: In some parts of the U.S. very soon, millions of Americans will have no choice at all of a health insurer if they are in an Obamacare exchange.

Writing in The New York Times, Margot Sanger-Katz notes:

Parts of the country are in jeopardy of not having an insurer offering Obamacare plans next year.

Many counties already have just one insurer offering health plans in the Obamacare marketplaces, and some of those solo insurers are showing signs that they are eyeing the exits.

Humana announced this year that they’d be leaving the markets altogether next year. That means there are parts of Tennessee that will have no insurance options unless another insurer decides to enter.

And Anthem, which operates in 14 states, is getting nervous, an industry analyst told Bloomberg News this week. Its departure would be a much bigger problem. According to an analysis of government data by Katherine Hempstead at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Anthem is currently the only insurance carrier in nearly 300 counties, serving about a quarter of a million people.

You may recall, as we do, that President Donald J. Trump has said repeatedly 2017 would be the year that Obamacare imploded, and it appears as though he was right. After all, in his former businessman life, the man employed thousands upon thousands of people; if anyone in government today would be in a position to fully understand how devastating the law is to companies, it’s him.


Now, what to actually do about it? Well, that will be up to Congress, of course – a GOP-dominated Congress whose Republican members have promised, repeatedly over the course of seven years since Obamacare’s passage, to get rid of it when they had control of the House, the Senate and the White House…like they do now.

Trump has taken to pressuring the House Freedom Caucus for failing to support the first piece of “repeal” legislation that many dubbed Obamacare Lite. But in reality, the conservative caucus is his best ally; they are the only faction in Congress that is totally serious about repealing the entire Obamacare law, save for some of its favored provisions like keeping children on health plans until they are 26 and prohibiting insurers for denying coverage to anyone with a preexisting condition.

That said, we’ve said before Trump’s biggest impediment to getting Obamacare repeal and replace done – as well as tax reform, the border wall, and other major portions of his agenda – will be squishy Republicans.

As it stands, the Democrats and Obama still own this disaster. But if the GOP fails to send Trump legislation that truly does dismantle the worst parts of Obamacare, most of his supporters are not going to blame him; they’re going to blame Republicans. Count on it.

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