(NationalSentinel) Senate: A breathless story by Politico today explains perfectly the phrase, “Elections have consequences.” It also highlights the need for term limits.

The story, headlined, “Gorsuch battle brings Senate to brink of new low,” laments potential changes coming to arcane Senate rules – ending the filibuster – in order to get Trump’s Supreme Court pick, Judge Neil Gorsuch, confirmed and appointed to the high bench:

The Senate is careening toward a historic change to its filibuster rules that takes it one step closer to a version of the majority-rule House of Representatives. 

But no one seems to care enough to save the Senate from itself.

Unlike past institutional crises, there’s no bipartisan “gang” stepping up to force a truce between the warring armies led by Mitch McConnell and Chuck Schumer. Acrimony between the two parties has become so routine that invoking the so-called nuclear option to get Neil Gorsuch confirmed to the Supreme Court is almost a ho-hum affair, assumed to be a done deal.

The story goes on to note that indeed, Democrats – ticked off that Obama’s last Supreme Court pick, Merrick Garland, didn’t get even get a hearing in the GOP-led chamber – plan to filibuster Gorsuch, who is one of the smartest, qualified jurists to be nominated for the nation’s highest court in a generation. Why? Because they’re partisan Left-wing ideologues and Gorsuch is said to be a constitutional originalist – someone who interprets the Constitution to mean what the founders said it means. You know, just the sort of Supreme Court justice you’d want on the bench.

But since Democrats don’t believe in the Constitution unless it suits their agenda, they want to keep Gorsuch – and any other nominee similar to him – off the high court because he’ll likely be there for 25-30 years and serve as an impediment to their efforts to change the United States into a socialist hellhole.

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That will mean ending the fibuster rule – which requires 60 votes to move legislation and votes on nominees. Republicans only have a 52-48 seat majority.

Ironically, senators interviewed for the story blame overt partisanship for “ruining” the Senate tradition of August bipartisanship. But that’s what Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., is – a partisan. And isn’t it amazing that it’s always Democrats, when they’re in the minority, pining for “bipartisanship.” Where was Schumer’s and former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s call for “bipartisanship” when they gamed the system to run through Obamacare without a single Republican vote? Or when Reid ditched the filibuster rule to get Obama’s Left-wing judicial nominees appointed to lifetime federal judgeships?

This garbage about how the Senate must maintain it’s image as some great deliberative body was crushed long ago - by Democrats. So the entire premise of the Politico story is bunk: There is nothing left to preserve, and Republicans should not try.

They won more elections. They have the majority, and what’s the point of having a majority if you still can’t do what Americans sent you there to do?

If the Democrats want to govern and approve nominees, the solution is simple: Win more elections. 

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