(NationalSentinel) Education: If you still don’t believe that Left-wing Democrats are the party of racism, this may finally change your mind.

As reported by KABC, a North Hollywood high school is losing funds normally dispersed by the Los Angeles Unified School District because the white student population is above 30 percent.

Yes, that’s right: Too many white kids are going there, and, well, the school and parents must be punished.

Needless to say, there are some upset folks:

Outrage has grown at Walter Reed Middle School in North Hollywood, as the school faces layoffs and increased class sizes due to a law limiting funds for schools with a higher white student body.

The Los Angeles Unified School District provides more funding for schools where the white population is below 30 percent.

In a letter to parents, the district noted the highly regarded middle school had been above the percentage for the past couple years.

The racial formula was a condition imposed by court decisions dealing with desegregation in the 1970s.

That last sentence may well be true, but Democrats have run California for decades; to blame this on a 50-year-old “court decision” is about as disingenuous as it gets. And anyway, so-called “desegregation” was a construct of the liberal Left in the first place.

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While some understand, many parents are having the most difficult time accepting the “too many whites” part as the trigger for the cuts.

What is insanely hypocritical here is that L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti is ticked off that the Trump administration has threatened to withhold funds because Los Angeles is a so-called “sanctuary city” for illegal aliens. You can’t make this stuff up.

Meanwhile, racism is most definitely still alive and well in America – in far-Left, Democrat-controlled California.

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