(NationalSentinel) Immigration: As the number of “sanctuary cities” - enclaves that officially pledge to openly defy the Trump administration’s efforts to enforce federal immigration laws - grows, the number of Americans who want to live in such cities is shrinking.

As reported by Breitbart News, only about one-in-three Americans want to live in sanctuary cities under local administrations that seek to harbor illegal aliens and shield them from deportation by refusing to cooperate with federal immigration authorities:

In a new Rasmussen poll, only 35 percent of Americans said they would like to live in a community that declared itself a “sanctuary city” while 52 percent would not. Some 14 percent were on the fence.

Working-class Americans are least likely to favor living in a sanctuary city, with only 25 percent supporting the idea and 63 percent opposing.

Wealthy Americans, on the other hand, are the most likely to support living in a sanctuary city. Forty-one percent stated support for sanctuary cities and 40 percent opposed the idea.

Even Americans who identify themselves as “liberal” are split on the issue. Roughly 54 percent say they would want to live in one, while 34 percent stand opposed.

Black Americans are less likely to support sanctuary policies than whites. A minority of 34 percent black voters and 36 percent of whites Americans feel the same.

Despite the fact that the Alt-Left screams the loudest on this issue, what’s clear is that most Americans are not cool with blatant disregard for the law, and that includes immigration law. Each year, because of sanctuary politics enacted by liberal Democrats, thousands of Americans are hurt or killed by people in our country illegally, and yet not one Democratic politician has ever been made to take responsibility for those injuries and deaths.

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President Donald J. Trump vowed repeatedly on the campaign train to enforce immigration laws as written. Presumably that will include enforcing any changes to immigration law if he and Congress get together on something. But for now, his duty is to ensure that existing border enforcement and immigration statutes are fully enforced, and that may mean the president will have to take punitive financial action against defiant cities  through reductions in federal funding.

Local voters can then decide if they should continue to support local politicians who will be responsible for that loss in funding.

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