By J. D. Heyes

(NationalSentinel) Healthcare Reform: Well, that didn’t go over so well, did it?

Okay, so the first attempt by Republicans and President Donald J. Trump to repeal and replace Obamacare didn’t work out. And while that “failure” was positively orgasmic to the Trump-hating Left, it certainly is not time for conservatives and supporters of the GOP and the president to panic.

If you recall, getting Obamacare done in the first place was not something that occurred within the first weeks of President Obama’s first term. Even though he, too, had a Democrat majority in both chambers of Congress, Obamacare wasn’t signed into law until March 2010, more than a year after he took office.

The [un]Affordable Care Act is a very large piece of legislation – something like 2,700 pages – and it was designed to spread its tentacles far and wide through statutory law and the federal bureaucracy. Like Speaker Paul Ryan said Friday after the president apparently called him requesting the American Health Care Act be pulled before a scheduled vote for lack of votes needed for passage, doing “big things” is “hard” work in Washington.

Some conservatives have wondered why the legislation Republicans in Congress unanimously sent to Obama a year ago January wasn’t offered this time around. Scratching their heads, they are asking where the so-called “Obamacare Lite” legislation came from, and why, after seven long years of waiting for the opportunity to repeal, the leadership and the president couldn’t get it right.

And, of course, there is the fact that, for months during the presidential campaign, GOP leaders promised quick repeal and replace of Obamacare – what happened to that pledge?

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These are fair questions and at some point in the very future, Ryan and other Republican leaders should be made to answer them.

Yet, they all now risk voters’ wrath if, at some point in the future, they don’t address the failing monstrosity that was bequeathed to the nation by Barack Obama and Democrats.

Repealing and replacing Obamacare was a major campaign pledge not only of Republicans in general but of Trump, who is used to negotiating his way to success. That didn’t happen with the AHCA, but though our president may be a master negotiator, he isn’t dealing with businessmen; he’s dealing with political animals in Congress – poll-driven, easy to spook and heavily influenced by a myriad of special interests.

It’s a different kind of negotiation, but one I am confident he will ultimately succeed in getting done.

Meantime, Republicans and Trump supporters should never, ever let Democrats and Obama forget: Trump and the GOP would not have even deal with another “health care reform” package were they not handed the mess created by the opposition party and their former president. Nothing that was promised about Obamacare has occurred; nothing. It was all a lie, and Obama was the master salesman.

But that said, Obama’s gone and it’s time to move on. Now is not the time to panic over healthcare reform. At some point during the president’s first term, it will get done. It will take time, but it will get done. Hide and watch.

Making America great again will take some time. Draining the swamp will take time. After all, it wasn’t made in a day.

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